365 Pens

365 Pens

A clean design, original forms, prestigious materials and workmanship make every 3.6.5 pen a truly handcrafted jewel. The pens are crafted out of a solid piece of aluminum, a material that is light and resistant, and every minimum detail is cared for. Made in Italy

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Moka Fountain Pen Natural Aluminum Moka Fountain Pen Natural Aluminum L35000 $156.60 ADD
Moka Fountain Pen Vintage Ivory L35001 $156.60 ADD
Moka Fountain Pen Black Moka Fountain Pen Black L35002 $156.60 ADD
Moka Fountain Pen Red Moka Fountain Pen Red L35003 $156.60 ADD
Officina Quattro Tempi XL Officina Quattro Tempi XL L35250 $198.00 ADD
Moka Ballpoint Pen Red Moka Ballpoint Pen Red L38347 $141.00 ADD
Moka Ballpoint Pen Black Moka Ballpoint Pen Black L38348 $141.00 ADD
Moka Ballpoint Pen Vintage Ivory L38349 $141.00 ADD
Moka Ballpoint Pen Natural Aluminum L38350 $141.00 ADD

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