Tween Art Supplies

Listed below are products which ideal for “tween-agers,” that age when a child wants to branch out from art supplies specifically made for kids, but may not be fully ready for adult projects just yet. A perfect place to start for the preadolescent artist.

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Craftivity Tropical Terrarium Craftivity Tropical Terrarium U09214 $25.00 ADD
Craftivity Cherry Blossom Lights Craftivity Cherry Blossom Lights U09215 $20.00 ADD
Craftivity Chic Cuffs AromaJewelry Craftivity Chic Cuffs AromaJewelry U09216 $20.00 ADD
Craftivity Lovely Lockets AromaJewelry Craftivity Lovely Lockets AromaJewelry U09217 $20.00 ADD
Craftivity Woodnt You Aroma Jewelry Craftivity Woodnt You Aroma Jewelry U09218 $20.00 ADD
Craftivity Pretty Pendants AromaJewelry Craftivity Pretty Pendants AromaJewelry U09219 $20.00 ADD
Craftivity Jewelry Jam Craftivity Jewelry Jam U09221 $20.00 ADD
Craftivity Dare To Dream Board Craftivity Dare To Dream Board U09222 $25.00 ADD
Craftivity Super String Lanterns Craftivity Super String Lanterns U09223 $25.00 ADD
Craftivity Macrame Zing Bag Craftivity Macrame Zing Bag U09224 $20.00 ADD
Craftivity Lovely Lights Craftivity Lovely Lights U09225 $17.00 ADD
Craftivity Posh Petals Craftivity Posh Petals U09226 $20.00 ADD

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