Graphtec Vinyl and Flatbed Plotters

Graphtec Vinyl and Flatbed Plotters

Graphtec is the industry leader in manufacturing high performance plotters for sign makers, graphic artists, automotive aftermarket professionals, countertop installers and other related users. Learn more about the Graphtec CE6000 and FC8600 Series cutting plotters. Watch videos about FC2250 Series flatbed cutting plotters or view FC2250 Spec Sheet.

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Graphtec CE6000-40 15-Inch Plotter Graphtec CE6000-40 15-Inch Plotter T11608 $1,295.00 $1,195.03 ADD
Graphtec CE6000-60 24-Inch Plotter Graphtec CE6000-60 24-Inch Plotter T11614 $2,195.00 $1,745.02 ADD
Graphtec CE6000-120 48-Inch Plotter Graphtec CE6000-120 48-Inch Plotter T11615 $3,895.00 $3,394.88 ADD
Graphtec CE6000-120AKZ 48-Inch Plotter Graphtec CE6000-120AKZ 48-Inch Plotter T11616 $4,395.00 ADD
Graphtec FC8600-60 24-Inch Plotter Graphtec FC8600-60 24-Inch Plotter T11723 $3,795.00 $3,294.82 ADD
Graphtec FC8600-75 30-Inch Plotter Graphtec FC8600-75 30-Inch Plotter T11725 $4,795.00 $4,195.14 ADD
Graphtec FC8600-100 42-Inch Plotter Graphtec FC8600-100 42-Inch Plotter T11726 $5,895.00 $5,195.26 ADD
Graphtec FC8600-130 54-Inch Plotter Graphtec FC8600-130 54-Inch Plotter T11727 $6,995.00 $5,994.71 ADD
Graphtec FC8600-160 64-Inch Plotter Graphtec FC8600-160 64-Inch Plotter T11728 $7,995.00 $6,894.89 ADD
Graphtec FC2250-60Vc Flatbed Cutter Graphtec FC2250-60Vc Flatbed Cutter T11752 $14,500.00 ADD
Graphtec FC2250-120Vc Flatbed Cutter Graphtec FC2250-120Vc Flatbed Cutter T11755 $22,000.00 ADD
Graphtec FC2250-180Vc Flatbed Cutter Graphtec FC2250-180Vc Flatbed Cutter T11757 $26,000.00 ADD
Vacuum Pump Kit For FC2250 Series Cutters T11758 $2,250.00 ADD

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