Convex Thermal Print Media

Convex Thermal Print Media

Convex is thick, durable vinyl that also conforms to curved surfaces without wrinkling. Convex High-Bond, Chrome HB, Diamond HB and Pitbull have extremely agressive, permanent adhesive. Convex Gearwrap has a one-year removable adhesive. MotoWrap 2 is a lower cost alternative to High Bond. Available with 15-inch Gerber punch for the Gerber Edge Series and Gerber Edge FX printers.


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  • Convex High Bond

    Convex High Bond

    Conformable, 6-mil vinyl with a very aggressive adhesive for decals and graphics. A very popular material for creating motocross decals. Thermal printable.

  • Convex Chrome HB

    Convex Chrome HB

    Conformable, 4-mil, Convex film with an ultra-shiny mirror finish. Use with GerberColor Transparent foils and refills. Thermal printable.

  • Pitbull-MX Extreme

    Pitbull-MX Extreme

    Conformable, Edge-printable, 5-mil vinyl, with a super-aggressive, permanent adhesive. 2 year outdoor durability.

  • Motowrap 2

    Motowrap 2

    Create extremely durable decals and graphics for motocross, ATV and other extreme sport vehicles.  Motowrap is not as aggressive as Convex High Bond, but less expensive and easier to handle. 4-mil.

  • Convex GearWrap

    Convex GearWrap

    Thick, stretchable, conformable vinyl that adheres to hard-to-stick plastics, yet removes cleanly within the first year. GearWrap is perfect for decals on helmets, gear, promotional vehicle graphics, and electronics. Recommended laminate: Convex Laminate for the EDGE, Convex Laminate for Inkjet.

  • Reverse Printable Media

    Reverse Printable Media

    Armalex is a 10-mil, semi-rigid, clear polycarbonate with a smooth sub-surface that has been coated for thermal transfer printing. Armalex is rolled "print side" out and has a protective mask on both sides. Available in Gloss, Matte Fine, Velvet and Hard Shell.  Reverse Print Clear is an extremely flexible, 18-mil vinyl used to create durable decals. Use Reverse Print Clear with 7-mil High Bond White Adhesive--no need to flood coat with a white foil.

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