Convex Thermal Print Media

Convex Thermal Print Media

Convex is thick, durable vinyl that also conforms to curved surfaces without wrinkling. Convex High-Bond, Chrome HB, Diamond HB and Pitbull have extremely agressive, permanent adhesive. Convex Gearwrap has a one-year removable adhesive. MotoWrap 2 is a lower cost alternative to High Bond. Available with 15-inch Gerber punch for the Gerber Edge Series and Gerber Edge FX printers.


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  • ModelMark & RubberMark Kit

    ModelMark & RubberMark Kit

    ModelMark is a revolutionary ultra-thin material that allows you to create graphics that will adhere to rubber, hard surfaces, and textured surfaces.  Print with the Gerber EDGE in reverse on the mico-thin ModelMark crystal clear transfer media, and then apply the RubberMark transfer adhesive.  When you apply the graphic, there is no film… just the colored foil, which becomes part of the adhesive. Kit includes 15 x 50yd Edge Printable ModelMark and 10 x 50yd RubberMark™ transfer adhesive. Watch this video: ModelMark

  • Convex High Bond

    Convex High Bond

    Conformable, 6-mil vinyl with a very aggressive adhesive for decals and graphics. A very popular material for creating motocross decals. Thermal printable.

  • Convex Chrome HB

    Convex Chrome HB

    Conformable, 4-mil, Convex film with an ultra-shiny mirror finish. Use with GerberColor Transparent foils and refills. Thermal printable.

  • Pitbull-MX Extreme

    Pitbull-MX Extreme

    Conformable, Edge-printable, 5-mil vinyl, with a super-aggressive, permanent adhesive. 2 year outdoor durability.

  • Motowrap 2

    Motowrap 2

    Create extremely durable decals and graphics for motocross, ATV and other extreme sport vehicles.  Motowrap is not as aggressive as Convex High Bond, but less expensive and easier to handle. 4-mil.

  • Convex GearWrap

    Convex GearWrap

    Thick, stretchable, conformable vinyl that adheres to hard-to-stick plastics, yet removes cleanly within the first year. GearWrap is perfect for decals on helmets, gear, promotional vehicle graphics, and electronics. Recommended laminate: Convex Laminate for the EDGE, Convex Laminate for Inkjet.

  • Reverse Printable Media

    Reverse Printable Media

    Armalex is a 10-mil, semi-rigid, clear polycarbonate with a smooth sub-surface that has been coated for thermal transfer printing. Armalex is rolled "print side" out and has a protective mask on both sides. Available in Gloss, Matte Fine, Velvet and Hard Shell.  Reverse Print Clear is an extremely flexible, 18-mil vinyl used to create durable decals. Use Reverse Print Clear with 7-mil High Bond White Adhesive--no need to flood coat with a white foil.

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