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Application fluids from CrystalTek and Rapid Tac Inc. Application tape from Gerber Scientific and MainTape. Plus, Gerber/3M Sandblast Stencil and Gerber GerberMask film.

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  • Adhesive Transfer Tape

    Adhesive Transfer Tape

    Adhesive Transfer Tapes by 3M and ORAFOL. 3M™ High Performance Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP and 468MP are ideal choices for foam gasket and nameplate attachment due to the conformable bondline and outstanding adhesion to metal and high surface energy plastics. ORAFILM 1375 is a high performance acrylic transfer adhesive, similar to 3M 467MP at a lower cost, with excellent peel and shear strength and extreme resistance to UV light, solvents, plasticizers, and long-term extreme temperatures to 338 degrees Farenheit.

  • CrystalTek Products

    CrystalTek Products

    CrystalTek offers a full line of biodegradable, non-toxic and environmental conscious chemicals for vehicle detailing, graphics removal and adhesive removal. Wrap Care Kit includes products necessary to safely care for vinyl signage and wraps. It makes a perfect "thank you" gift for your wrap customers.

  • Rapid Tac Application Fluid

    Rapid Tac Application Fluid

    Use Rapid Tac for premium film, and Rapid Tac II for intemediate film. Also available, Rapid Remover, Rapid Prep, and Rapid Clear.

  • Application Tape-Clear

    Application Tape-Clear

    Gerber and MainTape clear application tape for easy registration and vinyl transfers.

  • Application Tape-High Tack

    Application Tape-High Tack

    Gerber and MainTape high-tack application tapes designed for films with silicone release liners, thicker vinyl, or smaller graphics. All purpose applications too.

  • Gerber Adhesive Tapes

    Gerber Adhesive Tapes

    Gerber Router Tape is designed to hold substrates in place while being routed or engraved. Gerber/3M Adhesive Transfer Tape (Laminating Adhesive) is for long-term bonding of graphic nameplates, overlays, membrane switches, etc. to metal and high surface energy plastics.

  • Gerber Standard Application Tape

    Gerber Standard Application Tape

    Standard tack application tape from Gerber. All purpose transfer tape for most sign shop applications. Gerber Standard Tack is recommended for EDGE and MAXX printed graphics.

  • MainTape  Application Tape

    MainTape Application Tape

    PerfectTear, PerfectTear Plus, and PreView Clear application tape by MainTape.

  • R Tape ApliTape Application Tape

    R Tape ApliTape Application Tape

    Hyatt's offers R Tape's original ApliTape products that come in low, medium and high tack levels with standard weight paper. ApliTape application tapes tear cleanly with no stringy adhesive and hold up longer during wet method applications.

  • R Tape RLA Conform Application Tape

    R Tape RLA Conform Application Tape

    Hyatt's offers R Tape's popular RLA Conform Series application tapes--ingenious tapes that lay flat and stick to the liner. Conform tapes come in a full range of tack levels from medium to extra-high on standard and premium weight papers. Conform Series delivers the most professional image by keeping Ready-To-Apply graphics neat, clean, and wrinkle-free even when unrolled after storage or shipment.

  • R Tape Clear Choice Application Tape

    R Tape Clear Choice Application Tape

    Hyatt's offer Clear Choice by R Tape, a cost-effective alternative to paper tape for sign makers. Clear Choice makes multi-layer application jobs visible and seamless. User-friendly, no-stretch, exceptionally clear film lays flat and is very forgiving if the adhesive side accidentally folds onto itself. Hyatt's offers Clear Choice in medium and high tack.

  • Gerber 3M Sandblast Stencil

    Gerber 3M Sandblast Stencil

    3M Series 1532 and Series 523 rubber masking stencil for sandblasting glass, stone, treated and untreated wood. Converted by Gerber for Gerber plotters.

  • GerberMask Film

    GerberMask Film

    Masking film with a removable, adhesive designed for stencils, paint masking, acid etching, and light sandblasting. Cut with a vinyl cutter. GerberMask I has a low tack adhesive for smooth surfaces. GerberMask II has a high tack adhesive for rough substrates. GerberMask Ultra has a low tack adhesive similar to GerberMask I and has a new moisture-resistant liner for greater dimensional stability during application.

  • ORAMASK Masking Stencil

    ORAMASK was developed for use in stencil applications, especially for paint and spray techniques on smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces. Not suitable for wet applications.

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