Convex Sport Decal Material

Convex Sport Decal Material

Convex is a series of soft, flexible, printable vinyl films (GearWrap and Convex High-Bond for example) and corresponding laminates used to create durable, thick graphics and decals for a variety of different applications. MotoWrap is not as aggressive as Convex High-Bond, but it is less expensive and easier to install. See the Convex Material Matrix.

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  • ModelMark & Transfer Adhesive

    ModelMark & Transfer Adhesive

    ModelMark is a revolutionary ultra-thin material that allows you to create graphics that will adhere to rubber, hard surfaces, and textured surfaces.  Print with the Gerber EDGE in reverse on the mico-thin ModelMark Thermal Printable media. Then apply either the 1-mil transfer adhesive for hard and textured surfaces, or apply the 2-mil transfer adhesive for rubber surfaces. When you apply the graphic, there is no film--just the colored foil, which becomes part of the adhesive. Watch this video to learn more: ModelMark

  • Convex Gear & Helmet Vinyl

    Convex Gear & Helmet Vinyl

    Convex GearWrap is the vinyl for helmets and sports gear. GearWrap's adhesive is designed for high-energy surfaces such as helmets. Cleanly removable for up to one year. Available for thermal printers in 4 and 8 mil and for solvent based inkjet printers in 4 mil. Convex GearWrap UV, with extended UV resistance, is available for longer-term applications. Convex Clear for Lacrosse and Hockey Helmets is specifically formulated with a more aggressive adhesive AND you can apply it when it is cold--at the ice rink for example. Convex Material Matrix.

  • MotoWrap Vinyl

    MotoWrap Vinyl

    Create extremely durable decals and graphics for power sports vehicles using a thermal transfer printer or solvent-based inkjet printer. MotoWrap offers the best mix of adhesion, conformability, and economy. Printable, 4 mil, glossy, conformable vinyl with 1.5 mil of aggressive adhesive. MotoWrap is not as aggressive as Convex High-Bond and more translucent, but less expensive and easier for a less experienced installer to apply.

  • Convex High Bond Vinyl

    Convex High Bond Vinyl

    Convex High Bond vinyl is ideal for creating durable graphics or decals on motocross bikes, ATV's, cars, gasoline pumps, vending machines, ATMs, outdoor power equipment and other interior & exterior markings. Available 6-mil for thermal transfer printers, and 6-mil for solvent inkjet printers. Convex Material Matrix

  • Pitbull MX Super Bond

    Pitbull MX Super Bond

    Printable, 5-mil white vinyl with a super aggressive permanent adhesive to create SUPER BOND decals. Warning: this product is not removable. It has been designed for those who do not mind replacing the plastic with the graphics. Laminate Pitbull MX with Convex Laminate or PRO-SHIELD Laminate. Available in 15-inch punched for the Gerber Edge Series printers and for solvent- or eco-solvent inkjet printers.

  • Convex Reverse Print Clear

    Convex Reverse Print Clear

    Coming soon: unique, super-flexible, 16-mil, sub-surface, printable decal material. It is crystal clear and glossy. Reverse print with the Gerber Edge.

  • Convex & Pro-Shield Laminate

    Convex & Pro-Shield Laminate

    Convex Laminate is highly flexible and will conform to complex curves such as helmets and gear. Convex Laminate is available in 4-, 8, and 17-mil. Use 7-mil or 12-mil Pro-Shield Laminate when you need extreme abrasion resistance. Designed to be used with Convex printable base vinyl materials. Convex Material Matrix

  • MotoWrap Laminate

    MotoWrap Laminate

    Create extremely durable decals and graphics for power sports vehicles using printable MotoWrap vinyl and MotoWrap Laminate. The MotoWrap line offers the best mix of adhesion, conformability, and economy. MotoWrap Laminate is similar to the original Convex Laminate and less expensive. MotoWrap Laminate is more pliable and conformable than ProShield Laminate, but less durable. (ProShield is still recommended for high abrasion applications, such as motocross airboxes and shrouds.)

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