Thermal Print Label Stock

Thermal Print Label Stock

Thermal printable and EDGE-Ready label stock material. UL-approved and tamper-evident label stock products available.

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  • UL Approved Label Stock

    UL Approved Label Stock

    Metallized polyester label stock is UL approved for heat resistance when used with GerberColor Edge/Edge 2 Cartridges and Edge FX Refill foils.

  • Tamper Evident Label Stock

    Tamper Evident Label Stock

    Thermal-printable, tamper-evident label stock for the Gerber Edge, Edge 2 and EDGE FX series printers. Gerber Security and MiniVoid label stock will leave the word "void" if the label is removed. Destuctible label stock cannot be easily removed without shredding.

  • Metallized Label Stock

    Metallized Label Stock

    Gerber Edge printable, metallized polyester film or metallized PVC film.

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