CONVEX & Motowrap Laminate

CONVEX & Motowrap Laminate

Convex Laminate, Pro-Shield, Motowrap, Stubbl and UV Laminating film designed for digitally printed CONVEX base vinyl. Convex and Motowrap products are primarily used to create thick, impact-resistant decals for sport vehicles, such as MX bikes, ATV's, Go-karts, etc.

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  • Convex PRO-SHIELD

    Convex PRO-SHIELD

    Thick, durable laminate with extreme abrasion resistance. Originally developed to protect graphics from boots and knee braces on the shroud and air box areas of motocross bikes.

  • Convex Laminate

    Convex Laminate

    4-mil, 8-mil or 22-mil laminate for use with Convex High Bond or Convex Gearwrap base vinyl. Together, the vinyl and the laminate will create thick, rugged decals with the print sandwiched between the base vinyl and the laminate.

  • Motowrap Laminate

    Motowrap Laminate

    Use Motowrap laminate with Motowrap 2 base vinyl to create durable 12-mil decals for MX bikes, ATV's and other sport vehicles. Motowrap is similar to the original Convex line and offers the best mix of adhesion, conformability and economy.

  • Stubbl Non-slip Laminate

    Stubbl Non-slip Laminate

    Provides extra traction on wet or dry surfaces. Use 18-mil "grippy" Stubble to laminate printed graphics for boat decks, surf boards, skate boards, etc.

  • UV Laminate

    UV Laminate

    UV-protective laminate for larger format, inkjet printed graphics.

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