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Digital Thermal Printing Technology.

Digital thermal printing technology has been around since the late 80's. Tried and true, the benefits offered by thermal printers over alternative technologies have never been more important today in our "I want it right now" society.

Benefits of Thermal Technology:

Environmentally Friendly

No chemicals, fumes or hazardous chemicals to dispose of. It is a true white shirt office environment technology. Unlike other methods, thermal is a dry process ready to use out of the printer. The result a scratch-resistant, UV and water-resistant printed image that will hold up outdoors without lamination for three to five years, even on vehicle applications.

Labor Savings

Design on the computer and send files directly to the printer. Elimination of make ready time converts preparation time into productive time. Ribbon and substrate changing involves minutes not hours. One-person operation allows efficient production with a minimum of technical skills or training.


Digital thermal printers are available in a wide range of print quality, from 300 dpi to 1600x400 dpi as available on the Matan Spring. Accurate four-color process is a snap.

Short-Run or Long-Run

Digital thermal printing technology allows profitable operation whether producing a small number or large number. Since the difference is printing time, on many occasions a longer run can be produced on a digital thermal printer in less time than just making ready the traditional printing process, such as Flexograph.

The Need for Speed

Equipment available today is designed to meet a wide range of user applications. From speeds less than 30 sq ft per hour, to 866 sq ft per hour, thermal printing today is a viable volume solution.

Compact Size

Equipment packs a punch, but is compact in size. Will fit in limited space with minimal environmental (heat & A/C) needs.

Cost and Time Savings

Coupled with new technology for cutting, output produced on thermal printers can be finished using digital equipment. This eliminates the costly delays in obtaining dies, plus the cost of those dies. Producing prototypes or samples for customer approval doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Deliver a sample to a customer printed on the same equipment that will produce the complete job, and eliminate costly sample preparation and potential complaints about the sample not matching the finished job.

Substrate Availability

Digital thermal printing permits the use of a much wider range of materials. Generate more profit by offering customers more products and choices. Available substrates include, but not limited to, floor graphics, window films, wide range of label stocks, cling film, polyesters, PVC, vinyl, banner material, dye sublimation applications, reflective, holographic, synthetic films, polycarbonates, paper, Kimdura®, Tedlar®, Tyvek®, backlit material and more.

Finishing Solutions

Unlike many thermal printing solutions of yesteryear, today's thermal printers combined with digital cutting technology, can offer a complete print to finished product solution. Utilizing register mark and laser technology, printed graphics can be laminated, cut, weeded, slit and put back onto cores ready for sale.


Digital thermal printing is reliable. With few moving parts, and a clean operation, equipment requires little maintenance and has fewer things to go wrong. This converts to lower maintenance cost and little downtime, reliability transfers directly to the bottom line.

Variable Data Opportunities

Digital thermal printing permits the use of software to generate custom labels or signs. The software package for the Matan Thermal Printers, for instance, allows customization with an unlimited number of fields of variable data including bar-codes, text, sequential numbers and images.

Explore the profit potential of Digital Thermal Printing Technology today!

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