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Employment Application
Faxable Order Form
Net 30 Charge Account Credit Application
Equipment Purchase Lease Application
Tax Exemption Certificate for Connecticut
Tax Exemption Certificate for Illinois
Tax Exemption Certificate for Michigan
Tax Exemption Certificate for New York State
Tax Exemption Certificate for Pennsylvania
Tax Exemption Certificate for Texas
Resale Certificate CA
Resale Certificate NY


Directions to 910 Main Street, Buffalo, NY
Directions to 910 Main Street, Buffalo from UB Main St Campus
Directions to 8565 Main Street, Clarence, NY
Map- Days in Transit

ART INFO / Art Supplies and Picture Framing

Art Product Movies

Chameleon Color Tone Pens

Jacquard Color Magnent Video
Jacquard Tie Dye Spiral Instructional Video

Prismacolor Brush Marker Tutorial 1
Prismacolor Brush Marker Tutorial 2
Prismacolor Brush Marker Tutorial 3
Prismacolor Brush Marker Tutorial 4
Prismacolor Marker Holiday Tutorial
Prismacolor Marker Blending Tutorial
Prismacolor Marker Shading Tutorial
Prismacolor Marker Shading Tutorial 1
Prismacolor Marker Shading Tutorial 2
Prismacolor Marker Shading Tutorial 3
Prismacolor Studio Series - Jen Torche Part 1
Prismacolor Studio Series - Jen Torche Part 2
Prismacolor Studio Series - Jen Torche Part 3
Prismacolor Studio Series - Nina Weiss Part 1
Prismacolor Studio Series - Nina Weiss Part 2
Prismacolor Studio Series - Nina Weiss Part 3
Prismacolor Studio Series - Cynthia Heinz Part 1
Prismacolor Studio Series - Cynthia Heinz Part 2

Daylight Twist Portable Lamp
Daylight Foldi Lamp
Daylight Deluxe Magnifying Lamp
Daylight Ultraslim Magnifying Lamp
Daylight Ultimate Table Lamp
Daylight Flexi Vision Floor Lamp
Daylight Ultimate Floor Lamp

Art Products Color Charts

Academy Oils
Academy Watercolors
Amsterdam Acrylics
ArtCreation Acrylics
Auto Air Colors
Canford Colored Papers
Carb Othello Pastel Pencils
Caran d'Ache Colour Pencils
Createx Air Colors
Createx Wicked Colors
Crescent Rag Matboard
Crescent Moorman Matboard
Crescent Decorative Matboard
Derwent Artbars
Derwent Inktense Pencils
Derwent Metallic Pencils
Derwent Pastel Pencils
Derwent Watercolor Pencils
FW Acrylic Inks
Georgian Oil Colors
Golden Acrylics
Gamblin Fast Matte
Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oils
Letraset Tria Markers
Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics
Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics
Liquitex Super Heavy Body Acrylics
Liquitex Glossies
Liquitex Basics Acrylics
Montana Acrylic Markers
Montana Gold Spray Paints
Montana Black Spray Paints
Montana Chalk Spray Paints
Montana Effect Spray Paints
One Shot Sign Paints
Pearlescent Inks
Porcelaine 150 Colors
Porcelaine 150 Outliners
Pebeo Vitrail Paints
Prismacolor Markers
Prismacolor Color Pencils
Rembrandt Oil Colors
Rembrandt Pastels
Rowney Watercolors
Sculpey Premo
Sennelier Oil Pastels
Sennelier Soft Pastels
Sennelier L'Aquarelle Pastels
Speedball Blockprinting Inks
Speedball Screenprinting Inks
System 3 Acrylics
Van Gogh Watercolors
Van Gogh Oils
Williamsburg Oils
W&N Artisan Oils
W&N Artist Oils
W&N Artist Watercolors
W&N Cotman Watercolors
W&N Drawing Inks
W&N Finity Acrylics
W&N Galeria Acrylics
W&N Gouache
W&N Griffin Alkyds
W&N Oilbars
W&N Winton Oils

Art Product Literature

Architectural Woods
Architectural Modeling Supplies
Artograph Light Tracer Series
Artograph LightPad Series
Artograph Tracer
Artograph Mobile Projector Floor Stand
Artograph Light Tracer Elite 2
Artograph EZ Tracer
Artograph LED Projector
Artograph Spray Booth
Artograph Super Prism Projector
Artograph Storage Bag
Black Gold Brushes
Claybord Surfaces
Custom Framing Advice
DaVinci Brushes
Discount Design Basics
Fine Pens
Fredrix Watercolor Canvas
Gamblin Oil Paints
Gel Image Transfers
Holbein Colors
Hyatt's Winter Survival Activity Guide
Letraset Tria 12 Marker Sets
Letraset Tria 24 Marker Sets
Letraset Tria 52 and 78 Marker Sets
Mayline Files
Metal Leaf
Moist Clay Selector
Paper Terms
Ronan Aqua-Cote & Aqua-Leaf Paints
Sennelier Pastels
Speedball Block Printing Lesson Plan 1
Speedball Block Printing Lesson Plan 2
Speedball Block Printing Lesson Plan 3
Speedball Calligraphy Glossary
Speedball Pen and Ink Drawing Tips
Speedball Lettering Tips
Speedball Screenprinting Instructions
Tables and Easels
Tintbooks Information
University at Buffalo Architecture ARC101 Kit
University at Buffalo Architecture ARC501 Kit
University at Buffalo Architecture ARC501 List of Items
Xyron Pro

Classes, Workshops, Camps & Parties
One of our special interests is support of art education programs, especially activities that are directed towards youth and beginning artists. We conduct in-store art classes and workshops throughout the year at both of our stores: Buffalo and Clarence. During the summer, we offer camp programs in Clarence that help develop talent and provide creative outlets for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Both stores host popular birthday parties that meet parent's needs to entertain their children's friends in a meaningful way.

Clarence Summer Camp
Spring/Summer Adult Classes
Spring/Summer Youth Classes
Birthday Parties

free in-store demo

Buffalo and Clarence Birthday Parties
Take a Field Trip to Hyatt's

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PANTONE INFO / Color Matching System Products

Pantone Catalogs and Promotions

Hyatt's Pantone Catalog E-Flip Version
Hyatt's Pantone Rebates

Pantone Product Literature

Pantone Bridge-To-Seven Set
Pantone Capsure
Pantone Capsure with Bluetooth
Pantone CMYK Guide
Pantone Capsure with Bluetooth
Pantone Color Bridge Coated Guide
Pantone Color Bridge Uncoated Guide
Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set
Pantone Color Extended Combo
Pantone ColorMunki
Pantone Essentials Set
Pantone Extended Gamut Guide
Pantone FHI Cotton Chips Set
Pantone FHI Cotton Passport
Pantone FHI Cotton Planner
Pantone FHI Cotton Swatch Library
Pantone FHI Paper Guide
Pantone FHI Paper Specifier and Guide Set
Pantone Formula Guide
Pantone Individual Plastic Chips
Pantone Metallic Chips
Pantone Metallic Guide
Pantone Metallic Guide Set
Pantone Nylon Brights Set
Pantone Nylon Swatch Card
Pantone Skin Tone Guide
Pantone Pastel Guides
Pantone Plastics
Pantone Plastics Complete Set
Pantone Plastics Opaque Selector
Pantone Plastics Transparent Selector
Pantone Plus Plastic Chips Collection
Pantone Portable Studio Guide Set
Pantone Premium Metallic Chips
Pantone Premium Metallic Guide
Pantone Reference Library
Pantone SMART Cotton Swatches
Pantone Solid Chip Pages
Pantone Solid Chips
Pantone Solid Color Set
Pantone Solid Guide Set
Pantone Spectrocolorimeter
Pantone Tints and Tones Collections
Pantone Quick Summary
Pantone Cross Reference for Solid Chips Colors to Specifier Page Number
Pantone Cross Reference for Plastics Colors to Textile Colors
Pantone Cross Reference for Textile Colors to Plastics Colors
Pantone Cross Reference for Textile Colors in Fashion & Home Selectors
Pantone Cross Reference of Old Textile Paper Page Numbers to New

Pantone Product Movies

Pantone Plus Gamut Guides Movie

SIGN INFO / Computer Signmaking Equipment and Materials

Sign Catalogs, Promotions and Events

Hyatt's Sign Catalog
Etching Art Solutions Catalog
Gerber Edge Promo
Gerber OMEGA Promo
What's New in OMEGA 6.5
Gerber Router SVP Promo
GERBER EDGE FX Thermal Printing Sysytem

Sign Product Movies

CrystalTek Products
Gerber Edge FX
Gerber EDGE Printable Convex
Hyatt's Monument Products
Impact Etcher
MAX Bepop CPM-200GU Thermal Printer
Mutoh Printers
Mutoh ValueJet Video 1638 Model

Inkjet Printers

Mutoh ValueJet Specifications
Mutoh Hybrid 1608HS

Inkjet Media & Inks

ORAJET Digital Media Selector
FDC Digital Product Selector
ORAFOL Digital Printing Guide

Thermal Printing Information

Gerber EDGE FX Solutions
Gerber EDGE FX Data

Laminator Information

Drytac Jetmounter Laminators
Ledco Digital Laminators
Ledco Econocraft Laminator

MAX Bepop Series Printer & Cutter

MAXCPM-200GU Bepop Video
MAXCPM-100G3U Brochure
MAXCPM-200GU Brochure
Bepop PET Label Stock Technical Datasheet
Bepop Standard Vinyl Technical Datasheet
Bepop Series Operational Cost Datasheet

Monument System Information

Hyatt's Monument Brochure
Monument Impact Etcher Brochure
Sandblast & Shape-carving Training
Granite Impact Etcher Artwork Preparation Service
Monument Granite Impact Etcher
Allen Datagraph 315 Monument Stencil Cutter
Allen Datagraph 315 MTP Death Date Portable Unit
Allen Datagraph 536 Monument Design System
Hyatt's Monument Products Video
Impact Etcher Video

Sign Product Literature

Allen Datagraph i-Cutter
Aurora Textiles Catalog
Gerber SignShop Helper
Gerber Sprocket Plotter Brochure
Gerber Holographix
Gerber Reflective Sell Sheet
Gerber Router Catalog
GerberMask Yellow Ultra Sell Sheet
Graphtec CE6000 Plus Brochure
Graphtec FC8600 Brochure
MAX CPM-100G3U Brochure
MAX CPM-200GU Bepop Thermal Printer
Knight Digital Presses
SmartMark Contour Cutting Solutions
Stubbl Sell Sheet
ThermoFlex Plus Color & Instructions
Tuff Cover Laminate
Zeronine Color Chart


ProTec Material Safety Data Sheets

Sign Material Specifications

Anchor Stencil Suggestions
High Bond Polyester
Zeronine Ribbon Data Sheet

Sign Product Warranty and Service Information

Duracoat Ribbon Warranty Comparison
Zeronine EDGE FX Foil Instructions

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