Copic Markers

Copic Markers

These are the markers used by Manga artists and cartoonists around the world. Also prized by architects and caricature artists as a good replacement for the discontinued LF series Design Markers. Copic markers have over 300 available colors and all colors are refillable. Acid-free, won't dissolve toner on photo copies. Replaceable tips and refills available. 

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  • Copic Sketch Markers and Sets

    Copic Sketch Markers and Sets

    Copic Sketch Markers feature an oval shaped body with double-ended durable polyester nibs which come in medium broad and super brush.

  • Copic Multiliner

    Copic Multiliner

    Copic Multiliner pens have water based pigmented ink and are designed for use with Copic markers. Waterproof, archival, photocopy safe, and acid-free. These pens have the same high quality nibs and ink as Multiliner SP pens, but are disposable.

  • Copic Wide Markers, Refills, Nibs and Accessories

    Copic Wide Markers, Refills, Nibs and Accessories

    Copic Wide markers feature an extra large nib for filling large areas. Copic Various Ink Refills are available in 358 colors and come in 25cc bottles. One bottle fills a Sketch marker 12 times, an Original marker 9 times, a Ciao marker 15 times, and a Wide marker 7 times. Replacement nibs and accessories are available.

  • Copic Multiliner SP pens, Refills and Nibs

    Copic Multiliner SP pens, Refills and Nibs

    Even better than the Multiliner, the Multiliner SP offers replaceable nibs and refillable ink cartridges. Available in 10 black nib sizes and 12 colors in two nib sizes, these are professional tools of the highest quality.

  • Copic Ciao Markers

    Copic Ciao Markers

    Ciao Markers offer all the features of our Sketch Marker, but in an economical size. Now available in 180 colors and featuring the same replaceable Super Brush and Medium Broad nib and refillable ink, the Ciao matches the Sketch in every area of quality for a lower price.

  • Copic Drawing Pen

    Copic Drawing Pen

    Copic's FO Drawing Pens are disposable fountain pens with a stainless steel nib. Available in 0.1mm or 0.2mm line width. Also available in Sepia (0.1mm only). These pens are bleedproof with Copic Markers.

  • Copic Spica Glitter Pens

    Copic Spica Glitter Pens

    The atyou Spica Glitter Pens come in 24 transparent colors, and contain pigment based, archival, non-toxic, and acid-free ink. Best of all this pen has a no-clog nib and will write for over 360 yards - twice the length of other writing pens. The glitter is achieved by the use of highly reflective micro-glass flakes. The pigment is transparent, so it can be used over other inks.

  • Copic Marker Pads & Sketchbooks

    Copic Marker Pads & Sketchbooks

    Copic's unique alcohol-based inks appear best on papers specifically designed for markers. Over the last 20 years, Copic has developed a variety of special marker papers and illustration paper to sketching and layout pads. A variety of paper sizes, weights, and textures are available so you can have just the right paper for your needs.

  • Copic Orignal Markers and Sets

    Copic Orignal Markers and Sets

    Copic original markers are available in 214 colors with 9 nib options. Each color comes with a Broad Chisel tip and Fine tip. Square body holds more ink than the Sketch or Ciao markers, with a typical coverage of 5 letter size sheets per marker.

  • Copic Airbrush System

    Copic Airbrush System

    Copic Airbrush system works with Copic Original and Sketch markers, and can be used with Copic Air cans or air compressors. Lightweight, portable, no mess, and ozone-safe, this system is great for all art and design products.

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