Invented in the early 40's, markers have been indispensable to architects, fashion designers, interior designers, graphic artists and cartoonists. While famous names such as Design Marker and Magic Marker have gone out of production, Hyatt's carries all the non-toxic replacements for these popular markers.

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  • Prismacolor Double Ended Chisel Markers

    Prismacolor Double Ended Chisel Markers

    Uncap your creativity with Sanford Prismacolor Markers in 156 colors! These double ended markers feature both chisel and fine nibs to create many different line widths from one marker. Replaces the now discontinued Design Markers. Toxic chemicals have been removed for safer usage. Available in sets or individually.

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  • Prismacolor Double Ended Brush Markers

    Prismacolor Double Ended Brush Markers

    Prismacolor Art Markers now with a brush tip! These double-ended markers from Sanford feature one end with a flexible brush tip and a second tip with a fine point. Create interesting lines, strokes, and details with one marker. Like the original Prismacolor Art Markers, both tips draw from the same ink reservoir for perfect color matching. Available in the 156 Prismacolor Premier Marker Colors.

    Prismacolor marker color chart.

  • Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

    Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

    Designed for artistic and technical applications, Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers come in a variety of colors and point sizes and styles.  Fineline Illustration Markers are availabe in sizes form 005 to 08 with black ink.  Prismacolor Illustration Markers are also available with chisel and brush tips in a variety of colors.  Pigment ink is lightfast, permanent, water resistant, and smear resistant when dry.


  • Prismacolor Marker Sets

    Prismacolor Marker Sets

    Uncap your creativity with Sanford Prismacolor Premier Markers!  Premier markers are now available in three different options: double ended chisel tip markers, double ended brush tip markers and illustration makers.  Choose from a variety of set sizes for each type of marker.

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  • Chameleon Color Tone Pens

    Chameleon Color Tone Pens

    Not your ordinary marker, Chameleon Color Tone Pens give the artist the capability to alter color!  They bring color control and effortlessness to artwork.  Remarkable effects such as 3D, transitions, highlighting, shading, gradations, and blending are all fashioned with one pen.  Made from professional quality alcohol based ink, they are refillable and the nibs are replaceable.  The pen is double ended with a Japanese brush tip on one end and a bullet tip on the other.  While indelible on most surfaces, they are non-toxic and low odor. Check out this video to see how they work

  • W&N Graphic Markers

    W&N Graphic Markers

    Winsor & Newton offers two different kinds of marker in three different product lines. Both the ProMarker and BrushMarker lines are alcohol-based dye markers and boast hundreds of different colors. With their quality nibs and inks, these markers provide flawless color lay down and consistent coverage. The revolutionary Pigment Markers, on the other hand, are unlike any other product on the market today. Their inks are actually made with professional grade pigment particles and open the doors to unprecedented possibilities. Chief among them is the exclusive White Blender, which allows you both to blend different markers together and to lighten shades for an almost limitless, paint-like palette. 

  • A Line Markers

    A Line Markers

    A line markers are alcohol markers with non toxic ink. Fully blendable, they are a great addition to any artist's collection.

  • Chartpak Admarkers

    Chartpak Admarkers

    Chartpak Admarkers are a xylene-based replacement for the now discontinued Design Markers. Unique chisel nib creates 3 different line widths with a mere shift of the wrist! Blend easily with additional colorless blender.

  • Copic Markers

    Copic Markers

    These are the markers used by Manga artists and cartoonists around the world. Also prized by architects and caricature artists as a good replacement for the discontinued LF series Design Markers. Copic markers have over 300 available colors and all colors are refillable. Acid-free, won't dissolve toner on photo copies. Replaceable tips and refills available. 

  • Spectrum Noir

    Spectrum Noir

    Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers are double ended and allow the user to have broad strokes and fine detail work. Available in a variety of sets.

  • ShinHan Markers

    ShinHan Markers

    ShinHan Touch Twin Brush Markers are quintessential for any animator, illustrator, architectural renderer or interior designer.  The barrel has a rectangular shape that thwarts rolling across work surfaces.  Has a fine brush nib on one end and a medium-wide chisel nib on the other.  The ink is refillable and replacement nibs are available in four sizes.  The alcohol based ink is odorless, non-toxic and permanent.

  • Art Alternatives Markers

    Art Alternatives Markers

    Art Alternatives now offers a variety of markers for the student and professional alike. Made to suit every need - a versatile line of economy pack markers, acrylic paint markers, alcohol markers, and chalk markers. Great for general coloring, line work, crafts, or event signs. Find the perfect marker for the job at a great price with Art Alternatives.

  • Stabilo Markers

    Stabilo Markers

    For over 150 years, Stabilo has been developing high-quality writing instruments. Stabilo products stand for ergonomics, design and lifestyle. Their water-based, color-intense markers with fibre tips are great for artists of all ages.

  • Pigma Brush Markers

    Pigma Brush Markers

    Sakura Pigma Brush markers feature the same vegetable based pigment found in the Micron Pigma markers but with an expressive brush tip. Waterproof, fadeproof and solvent resistant, they are great for watercolor, cartooning, sketching and general drawing.

  • Tombow Markers

    Tombow Markers

    For coloring, drawing, animating, lettering, drafting or crafting! Tombow markers come in a variety of tips - brush, bullet, fine, and extra-fine. Water-based inks in a wide variety of colors.

  • Kirarina Markers

    Kirarina markers are available in different formulas and different color ranges to suit every need. Perfect for crafting, scrabooking, photos, note-taking, and drawings. Kirarina 2win are available in water-based formula, or an oil-based formula. Kirarina Winks have metallic inks with a beautiful shimmer.

  • Calligraphy Markers

    Calligraphy Markers

    These markers feature a italic cut nib to make thin or thick lines. By holding the calligraphy marker at a 45 degree angle, italic calligraphy can be written without bottles of ink or special nibs. Available in different sizes and colors. The easiest way to beautiful writing. Great for holiday cards too!

  • Caran dAche Fibralo Brushes

    The Fibralo Brush is a unique combination of a fibre-tip pen and a paint brush. The ultra-bright colors are based on food colorings and are water-soluble. The brush tip is supple and will spring back to its original shape to create thick and thin lines. Suitable for children aged 7 and up.

  • Zig Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Markers

    Zig Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Markers

    The Clean Color Real Brush tipped markers contain water-based dye that is odorless and xylene-free. Perfect for illustrating, coloring, and cartooning. Colors can be easily blended from dark to light or markers can be touched at the tips to transfer color with a beautiful seamless fade. 

  • Crayola & Kids Markers

    Crayola & Kids Markers

    Hyatt's features Crayola Markers and Foohy Markers for kids. Non-toxic with bright colors, these markers are great for all kids. Mr. Sketch by Sanford feature scented ink and a non-toxic water based ink for safe drawing.

  • Fabric Markers

    Fabric Markers

    These fabric markers allow you to draw directly on most fabrics. Designs can be filled in with markers or paints made for fabric such as the Liquitex Medium Body Acrylics.

  • Highlighters


    Choose from a variety of highlighters in an array of sizes, colors and ink types.

  • Preppy Markers

    Preppy Markers

    Preppy markers feature replaceable ink cartridges and nibs. Choose from standard to bold, fluorescent colors.

  • Metallic Markers

    Metallic Markers

    These paint markers by Sharpie, Pentel, Prismacolor, Sakura and Unipaint feature an oil based or water based paint for opaque marking on almost any surface. Solid paint resists fading in all but fluorescent colors. Great for signs, projects, sketching and drawing.

  • Niji Stylists

    Niji Stylists

    Niji Stylist markers are prized by artists and writers for their fine nibs and dense inks. Bright colors resist fading and hard nib flows well for quick sketching and drawing. Cartoonists and Architects love them!

  • Ecoline Brush Pens

    Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pens are designed to achieve watercolor like effects without a paint brush. These pens are easy to use to make precise lines, dynamic strokes, or coloring. Ink dries fast and can be re-wetted, blended, and diluted with water or a special blender pen.

  • Lumocolor Markers

    Lumocolor Markers

    Lumocolor Markers by Staedtler-Mars are the best for use on slick surfaces such as overhead transparencies. Water based for easy removal from clear film with a damp rag. Permanent is great for crisp dense lettering on OHP films or mylar drawings. Permanent can be removed only with alcohol solvent.

  • Krink Markers

    Krink Markers

    This is the original KRINK marker. They are handmade in Brooklyn, NY and are engineered to meet the specific needs of graffiti writers. The broad round tip provides great flow and coverage.

  • Paint Markers

    Paint Markers

    Paint Markers use real paint for permanence and fade resistance not available in dye-based markers. Choose from Pentel White Markers, Sakura Pentouch, Sharpie Paint and Sharpie Poster paint markers.

  • Chalk and Glass Markers

    Chalk and Glass Markers

    Chalk and Glass markers are perfect for marking on slick surfaces including glass, metal, plastic, and white boards. Find a unique marker to fit your unique needs.

  • Photo Markers

    Photo Markers

    Need to remove that red eye from your color photos? Use the Zig Red Eye pen. Want to colorize your older black & white photos? Try the Zig Photo Twin markers. Their dual tips lay down light shades to build up to just the look you want!

  • Sharpie Markers

    Sharpie Markers

    Sanford Sharpie markers are now available in more colors than ever before! Choose from the new fall or spring color ranges as well as the new poster and paint marker lines. Choose from 6 different line widths

  • Paper Mate Flair

    Paper Mate Flair

    The world’s classic felt tip writing instrument lets you express yourself with true style and color. Available in medium or ultra fine tip. Water-based ink will quickly dry and won’t bleed 

  • Pentel Markers

    Pentel Markers

    The Pentel Sign pen has been a favorite with Architects and Cartoonists since it was introduced as the first fibre tipped marker in the 1950's! The Pentel S360 Color Pen has 36 beautiful colors that resist dry out. Choose from open stock or sets.

  • Pilot Markers

    Pilot Markers

    These markers by Pilot and Flair are very popular with architects, cartoonists and artists because of their water based ink and sharp points. Pilot Jumbo markers are solvent based and refillable.

  • Marker Portfolios

    Marker Portfolios

    Made of durable nylon these marker cases are not only easy to carry but they also allow students and professionals to remain orgainized while on the go.

  • Technical & Graphic Markers

    Technical & Graphic Markers

    These pens by Alvin, Sakura and Staedtler Mars use fadeproof and waterproof pigment based inks for maximum durability.

    Also check out our "Fiber Tips For Fine Lines" heading under "Pen & Inks."

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