Watercolor Paints

Watercolors are made by grinding pure pigments, adding gum arabic and wetting the mixture with water. Some brands add Ox Gall to increase gloss and dispersion. They make a great medium for traveling as the supplies are simple - paper, brushes, water & a travel set of watercolors. Choose from brands such as Winsor & Newon, Cotman, Van Gogh, Holbein, Daler-Rowney, Reeves, Prang, Pelikan & Peerless.

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  • Sennelier Artist Watercolor Tubes

    Sennelier Artist Watercolors are a bright and lively palette in the tradition of French Impressionists. Featuring 98 colors that are produced with increased honey content  for enhanced brilliance and luminosity, it also acts as a preservative to extend longevity of the paint. Including more than 50 single pigment colors, many unique to Sennelier this watercolor line evokes the timeless beauty and vibrancy of Southern France.  

  • W&N Artist Watercolours

    W&N Artist Watercolours

    Winsor & Newton Artist Water Colours are available in over 90 colors. Pigments are imported from around the world and ground in small batches and checked for consistency. No other artist watercolor has the history and reputation for quality that is associated with the Winsor & Newton name. Available in 5ml and 14ml tubes.

    Click here for complete color chart.

  • Holbein Watercolors

    Holbein Watercolors

    Holbein Water Colors are world renowned for their vivid colors, easy lifting and control. By grinding pigments finer than other brands and not adding ox gall, Holbein watercolors have increased brilliance and resist hardening in the tube. Many colors are non-staining so they may be lifted off of surface even after drying for maximum control and effect.

  • QoR Watercolors

    QoR Watercolors

    QoR watercolors (pronounced core) are the result of Golden Artist Colors working in collaboration with artists to create modern, high quality watercolors. QoR features all of the best qualities of traditional watercolors, while expanding the versatility, color range, and mediums/grounds available. QoR's exclusive binder, Aquazol, provides more pigment in every brushstroke, giving a strength that most watercolors haven't seen while using less paint. Each vibrant color swatch shows the paint used over pencil, marker, and a light to heavy wash. Available in 11ml tubes and sets.

  • Ecoline Liquid Watercolors

    Ecoline Liquid Watercolors

    Ecoline liquid watercolors are dye based, giving you high color intesisty. Can also be used in an airbrush or fountain pen without clogging!

  • Academy Watercolors

    Academy Watercolors

    Grumbacher Academy Watercolors are made in the USA and are famous for offering great permanence and tinting strength at an economical price. 60 colors in 8ml tubes.


    Click here for a complete color chart: http://www.hyatts.com/pdf/ARTMAcademyWatercolorCC.PDF

  • M. Graham Watercolors

    M. Graham Watercolors

    Watercolors by M. Graham are created with exceptional amounts of pigment in a time-honored binding medium of pure gum arabic natural blackberry honey.

  • Sennelier Watercolor Half Pans

    Sennelier Watercolor Half Pans

    Sennelier watercolor half pans are a great way to replace colors from your existing set or to experiment with a new palette. Sennelier Artist’s watercolors are made with an increased honey content which provides brilliant color while extending the paints longevity. Available in 48 colors. Made in France.

  • Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints

    Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints

    Daniel Smith is a leading manufacturer of superior-quality lines of watercolor paints. When you work with Daniel Smith Fine Watercolor paints, your painting will benefit from the extensive research put into the creation of each color. The quality of these watercolor paints is unmatched.

  • Dr Ph Martins Watercolors

    Dr Ph Martins Watercolors

    Dr. Ph. Martin’s has over 80 years of experience manufacturing high quality art products right here in the U.S.A. Their watercolor ink products come in a variety of concentrations and colors and are ideal for a broad range of projects and surfaces, and can even be used in most writing instruments. In a glass bottle with a dropper, these inks are up to 50% brighter than watercolor tubes and are incredibly easy to work with.

  • Brusho


    Brusho Crystal Colours are intense paint powder that is water-based. Kid and beginner-friendly. it has unique characteristics that allow for a wide variety of techniques and experimentation. Use for watercolor washes, classic painting, wood or fabric dye - try spritzing or spinkling techniques. Create loose and impressionistic artwork. Each pot is 15 grams and can make a pint of color.

  • Watercolor Sets

    Watercolor Sets

    No matter which one you choose, these watercolor paint sets offer exceptional value. Watercolors, available in transparent or opaque, are great for traveling painters as they require a minimum of supplies. Finer brands such as Winsor & Newton, Daler-Rowney and Holbein offer unsurpassed clarity and brilliance while student grade paint sets from Cotman, Van Gogh and Academy offer the best value for your dollar while still producing great results.

  • Watercolor Mediums

    Watercolor Mediums

    These mediums allow you to control watercolors like never before. Grumbacher Miskit, Incredible White Mask by Grafix, Art Masking Fluid by Winsor & Newton and the new Masquepen allow you to mask out areas of the watercolor paper that should remain white until the painting session is complete. Mask should be removed within 24-48 hours. Granulation and other mediums allow control of the actual paints for maximum effect.

  • Tempera Paints

    Tempera is made from pigment, gum arabic and water. It is non-toxic and perfect for children's projects or for temporary designs on the inside of windows. 

  • Casein Paints

    Casein Paints

    Used by the Old Masters, Casein colors are milk protein-based paints that dry to a matte finish. Very versatile - they can be used for watercolor-like washes, but have opacity like tempera and texture like oil and acrylics. Use Casein on any rigid surface such as canvas panel, heavy watercolor paper, wood, masonite, plaster, and even glass.

  • W&N Designers Gouache

    W&N Designers Gouache

    Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache is an opaque watercolor which has incredible hiding power and is extremely light fast. Available in over 82 colors they can be applied with brush, dip pen, ruling pen or airbrush. Colors are intense, solid and finely ground and dry to a dead flat finish which is perfect for camera ready illustrations. Unsurpassed quality.

    Click here for complete color chart.

  • Holbein Acryla Gouache

    Holbein Acryla Gouache

    Arcryla artists’ acrylic polymer gouache has highly pigmented opaque colors that move, react, blend, and feel like traditional gum arabic gouache. Dries to a velvet finish with no color shift- what you see wet is what you’ll see when it dries. Compatible with all other water soluble media.

  • Caran d'Ache Gouache

    Caran d'Ache Gouache

    Caran d'Ache has created a high quality gouache made in Switzerland that contains only all natural binders and resists cracking.

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