From the earliest papyrus to the middle ages use of natural sheep skin parchment paper has allowed us to express ourselves through art & writing. Hyatt's carries thousands of papers from all corners of the world from Rice paper from Japan to heavy bark paper from Africa. Choose from such well known brands as Strathmore, Canson, Arches, Mi-Teintes, Stonehenge, Somerset, Canford, Wyndstone, Rives, Hy-Gloss & Fabriano.

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  • Tracing & Vellum Paper

    Tracing & Vellum Paper

    Vellum was originally made from sheep or goat skin which was scraped smooth and transparentized by oils and resins. Today, most vellum is made from cotton or wood pulp which is boiled, rolled and pressed. Great for drafting, tracing, calligraphy, scrapbooking and drawing. Choose from such great brands as Canson, Hygloss, Bienfang, Seth-Cole, Borden & Riley and Aquabee. Hyatt's vellum is comparble to Clearprint 1000H but at a substantial savings!

  • Marker/Layout Pads

    Marker/Layout Pads

    Bienfang Graphics 360 pads are used by cartoonists, architects and fashion designers for marker renderings. Made from 100% cotton, colors stay crisp and true, blend easily and special coating on reverse keeps markers from soaking through to next sheet. Layout pads and Cross Section Graph Pads are perfect for any kind of 2D design such as floorplans and ad layout. Newer Letraset marker pads feature a whiter surface.

  • Drawing Pads

    Drawing Pads

    Drawing pads are usually a much heavier paper than sketch pads to take the rough abuse necessary due to erasing and redrawing until your art is "just right". Most brands feature a bright white surface while a few pads also come in a cream color some artists prefer. Choose from Canson, Strathmore, Borden & Riley, Bienfang and Stonehenge.

  • Alibabette Editions Sketchbooks and Stationary

    Alibabette Editions Sketchbooks and Stationary

    Alibabette Editions is an exquisite paper line made in France. This extensive line features high quality sketchbooks and stationary that fit into any lifestyle. Whether you are writing or taking notes, pursuing a creative hobby or looking for a pop of color for your desktop, Alibabette is the perfect companion.

  • Sketch Pads & Books

    Sketch Pads & Books

    Sketch pads, while thinner than drawing pads, offer many more sheets per pad to allow various techniques and drawings to be drawn quickly. Sketch books are available in hard or soft bound to sketch on the go! Choose from such brands as Rhodia, Moleskine, Strathmore, Canson, Bienfang, Raritan, Biggie and Holbein.

  • Clairefontaine Notebooks

    Clairefontaine Notebooks

    The Clairefontaine brand has been making paper in France since 1858 and is currently the only European manufacturer to make its own papers for its own products. The 90g paper is fountain pen friendly and has a satin finish for maximum smoothness. The trademark extra white, ultra smooth paper comes from the natural calcium carbonate used. Perfect for writing with a variety of pens.

  • Rhodia Notebooks

    Rhodia Notebooks

    With their famous orange and black covers and slick design, Rhodia notebooks can be spotted a mile away! Their long history begins in France in 1932 with two brothers that had a passion for paper and continues to this day with the Rhodia paper still being manufactured in France. Whether you are looking for the traditional grid pad, the new dot pad perfect for designers, or a webnotebook, Rhodia has the perfect solution for your needs.

  • Journals, Notebooks & Planners

    Journals, Notebooks & Planners

    Let your creativity flow with our collection of Journals, Notebooks and Planners. Chose from a variety of sizes, styles and designs. Perfect for taking notes, writing, sketching or journaling your thoughts. 

  • Moleskine Notebooks, Journals and Planners

    Moleskine Notebooks, Journals and Planners

    For over 200 years Moleskine has been the legendary notebook of European artists and intellectuals, from Van Gogh to Henri Matisse, from the exponents of the historical avant-garde movements to Ernest Hemingway. After ceasing production in 1986, Moleskine is back!

    Made in France to original specifications with Moleskine cover, stitched binding and top notch materials. Choose from Pocket, Large, Reporter and Watercolor as well as new daily planners in two sizes. One of the finest journals you can find!

  • Pantone Notebooks

    Pantone Notebooks

    For those who love Pantone colors and can't get enough we now sell notebooks for ideas and inspiration - this line features actual Pantone Color Covers. They come in popular European sizes that fit into pockets or profolios. Made in Japan for Pantone.

  • Newsprint


    Newsprint is a must for all art students or anyone who needs a large amount of inexpensive paper. Canson Biggie Newsprint pads are made from wood pulp. Available in sizes up to a whopping 24x36! Takes pencil, charcoal or crayon. Comparable quality to Newsprint pads from Strathmore, Aquabee, Seth-Cole & Borden & Riley but at a substantial savings!

  • Flexbook


    The unique patented binding on these notebooks, notepads and sketchbooks from flexbook sets them apart from the rest.
    Made in Greece with high quality Fabriano and Munken papers, they are completely flexible and will lay completely flat for easy writing, drawing and sketching.
    The convenient elastic band will keep them secure-ideal for use as travel journals!

  • Pierre Belvedere Stationary

    Pierre Belvedere designs are inspired by the world's most current fashion trends, and are renowned for their elegance and high quality. Designed in Montreal and manufactured in Italy, Pierre Belvedere products have a one of kind look that suit an array of styles and needs. Spoil yourself by adding color and luxury to your life with this selection of fine stationary products.

  • Poster Bond/Banner Paper

    Poster Bond/Banner Paper

    White bond paper and banner paper, also known as kraft or butcher paper, are available in rolls up to 48 inches wide for inexpensive banners and posters. Available in white and colors. Choose from Bienfang, Tara Fredrix, Pacon Artkraft & Canson.

  • Semikolon Notebooks and Stationary

    Semikolon stationary products feature a minimalist design in modern colors. Following a unique color concept this line offers the opportunity to mix and match stationary and accessories in the office, at home or in the studio. Designed in Germany this high-quality product has a timeless approach to design which is not fleeting to fashion trends. Products include notebooks, journals, binders, organization boxes, writing instruments and accessories.

  • Rustico Leather Journals, Notebooks, Sketchbook & Accessories

    Rustico Leather journals, notebooks, sketchbooks & accessories are handcrafted in the USA using premium materials. Designed to inspire, Rustico products are made for all lifestyles and make the perfect travel accessory. Leave your mark after you are long gone.


  • Dingbats Notebooks

    Dingbats Notebooks

    Handmade in Lebanon, Dingbat Notebooks are contructed with high quality materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. Each notebook is vegan and contains high quality cream paper that is fountain pen friendly and FSC-certified. Choose from an array of sizes that fit your needs. Perfect for journaling, writing or sketching choose between lined, dotted, graph or plain paper.

  • Painting Pads

    Painting Pads

    These various pads of paper from Cotman, Strathmore, Canson, Arches, Montval and Yupo are excellent for all wet techniques including gouache, pen & ink, colored pencils as well as traditional watercolor. Each offers their own quality, texture and size. For a traditional watercolor paper blocks by Arches, Strathmore and Canson check the category below. Blocks differ from pads in that they are bound on all four sides to help eliminate the need for stretching.

  • Watercolor Blocks

    Watercolor Blocks

    These blocks of watercolor paper are excellent for all wet techniques including gouache, pen & ink, colored pencils as well as traditional watercolor. Available in Hot Press which is smooth as well as Cold Press and then Rough which are progressively more textured. Blocks differ from pads in that they are bound on all four sides to help eliminate the need for stretching. Great for traveling watercolorists! Choose from Strathmore, Arches & Fabriano.

  • Watercolor Paper

    Watercolor Paper

    These watercolor papers are excellent for all wet techniques including gouache, pen & ink, water soluble colored pencils as well as traditional watercolor. Each offers their own quality, texture and size. Hot Press is the smoothest allowing for pen and ink or pencil with watercolor washes and fine detail. Cold Press and Rough are progressively more textured for a more loose style. Cold Press in the 140 lb. weight is the most popular watercolor paper sold in the world. Some watercolor papers are now available in a newer bright white color. Choose from Fabriano, Arches, Canson, Strathmore, Aquabee & Yupo.

  • Oil + Acrylic Pads and Blocks

    Painting blocks, glued at all four edges, are specifically designed for the artist on the move. While most commonly used for watercolor painting, oil and acrylic painting blocks are becoming the preferred method for 'plein air' artists who work in those heavier mediums. The heavy card support lets you rest the block in your lap, and no stretching is needed. After your painting has dried, you may use a blade or a palette knife to separate the page from the block and use th pages below. Sizes, weights, and finishes do vary from brand to brand.

    Canson Montval Acrylic Paper Pads are sized with gelatin and feature a textured surface. It can be used with thick acrylics to achieve the look of oil painting and when diluted to an acrylic wash, this paper resembles watercolors.

  • Printing Papers

    Printing Papers

    Arches, Crescent, Rives BFK, and Rising Stonehenge printing papers, while primarily made for lithography, silkscreen and monoprinting, can be used for a variety of drawing mediums and are suitable for most dry techniques. Most are made with pure cotton rag in a variety of shades. Masa paper by Yasutomo offers a beautiful off white mulberry paper popular with lithographers.

  • Construction Paper

    Construction Paper

    Construction paper is a thick inexpensive paper made from wood pulp that is dyed to bright colors popular with teachers and school children across the world. The Strathmore art papers for Kids offer a step up in quality and fade resistance. Oak Tag is popular for signage or stenciling. Choose from Array, Pacon, Riverside & Strathmore.

  • HyGloss Papers

    HyGloss Papers

    HyGloss specializes in coated papers and vellums precut to letter size for use in scrapbooking and general art projects. HyGloss vellum sheets are inkjet compatible and are perfect for invitations by themselves or when paired with a decorative paper. The uses are limitless!

  • Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks and Notebooks

    Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks and Notebooks

    Cottonwood Arts Sketchbooks and Notebooks are filled with specialty papers that meet the needs of the modern day creative individual, student, and professional. Made - For Artists by Artists-  with high quality materials these books are meant to be durable and sturdy enough not to warp with various media. 

  • Strathmore Decorative Sheets

    Strathmore Decorative Sheets

    Strathmore has always made the finest papers and this line of papers is no different! ArtAgain paper series are 10% post-consumer recycled. Petal inclusion series has real flower petal pressed into the paper fiber, making it our most popular paper for wedding invitations & announcements! Marble paper series lends that old world flair to art and print projects.

  • Canford Paper

    Canford Paper

    Canford paper by Daler-Rowney is available in 38 matte finish colors that are acid-free and lignin-free. All sheets are 20.5 x 30.5 inches. Paper series is 70lb. while card stock is 140 lb. This paper is perfect for any art project were a smooth durable paper is required. Ink-Jet and Laser printable.

    Click here for complete color chart.

  • Chartpak Paper

    Chartpak offers a variety of specialized paper available in several sizes. The development of special "recipes" for different uses was based on their extensive paper expertise. These papers are made in the USA and are artist tested to ensure a high level of performance.

  • Mi-Teintes Paper

    Mi-Teintes Paper

    Mi-Teintes is our most popular paper for pastel, charcoal and any dry media. Ink-Jet printable, it is fade resistant. Paper sheets are 19X25 inches and available in 60 colors with a vellum textured surface on one side and flatter surface on the reverse. 66% cotton and gelatin sized. All colors (except black) are acid free.

  • Handmade & Decorative

    Handmade & Decorative

    These decorative papers are as varied as the countries in which they are made! Choose from silk paper made from mulberry and other fibers to replicate the fine look of real silk. Others have real flower petals or metallic flakes embedded into the paper fiber. Handmade & Decorative papers are perfect for all art projects, home decor and even as gift wrap! Choose from well known paper houses such as Cavallini, Awagami, Shizen, Pulsar, Strathmore, Black Ink, Lama Li, and Savoir-Faire. Imported from many countries around the world: Nepal, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Taiwan, Egypt, Philippines, India, Africa, Korea, China, Thailand and the USA.

  • Black Ink Decorative Papers

    Black Ink Decorative Papers

    Black Ink collects papers from all over the world and brings them to you! Choose from papers made in over 20 countries such as Nepal, Africa, Japan, China, Egypt, Malaysia and many more! Uses include home decor, collage, fine art, gift wrap, decoupage and anything else artistic you can dream up!

  • Rice Paper

    Rice Paper

    Rice paper is made traditionally from the pith (stalk & stems) of the rice plant. It makes a smooth, usually white paper in varied thicknesses. Mulberry paper is also sometimes called rice paper. Great for Sumi-E, drawing, decor, drawing and paper craft. Choose from Yasutomo, Aitoh, Black Ink & Wyndstone.

  • Charcoal/Pastel Papers

    Charcoal/Pastel Papers

    These charcoal and pastel papers have a rough or medium tooth or texture to help pull the pigments off of the charcoal or pastel sticks. This allows the artist to make light or heavy lines with varied pressure. Choose from Sennelier, Canson, Colourfix and Strathmore papers.

  • Calligraphy Papers

    Calligraphy Papers

    Although many fine papers can be used for Calligraphy, these papers are made expressly for calligraphy as they are bleed proof and have a hard surface that calligraphers love. Choose from antique parchment by Bienfang, white calligraphy by Strathmore and for the thickest, hardest surface for calligraphy choose Paris Paper For Pens by Borden & Riley.

  • Digital Art Papers

    Digital Art Papers

    Ink Jet papers are very popular with artists for reproducing their artwork in short runs. Somerset Velvet has a beautiful watercolor paper feel and makes beautiful prints. Strathmore ink jet cards and papers print perfectly and are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. Epson and Canson Infinity papers are the industry standard for ink jet papers and work very well in all brands of inkjet printers.

  • Origami


    Origami by definition means making art by folding paper into artistic designs. Most origami is made to replicate animals from insects to swans. Because no cutting is involved this is a great project to use with small children. Paper usually comes either single or double sided in square sheets of varying sizes. Choose from a wide range of various papers from Aitoh & Yasutomo.

  • Papermaking


    Making your own paper is both fun and easy! Use your own pulp from dryer lint, old papers, old rags or buy fresh new cotton linters. Run these through a food processor and spread the pulp over a screen or flatten it between rollers. Sprinkle flecks of gold or other colors throughout the paper to give it character. Arnold Grummer makes a complete line of papermaking supplies.

  • Stationery/Greeting Cards

    Stationery/Greeting Cards

    Before e-mail, letter writing was an art unto itself. Beautiful calligraphy, using quills or fountain pens, written on fine stationery was sent through the post office and eagerly awaited by the recipient far, far away! Get back into writing letters and give your correspondence that personal touch. Nothing says that you care like a hand written note. Choose from such brands as Savoir-Faire, Lama Li, Pulsar and Black Ink & Strathmore.

  • Transfer Papers

    Transfer Papers

    Choose from a variety of transfer papers to trace and transfer a design or image onto another surface. Brands include Saral, Richeson, TAP and more. Also available is Bernini's Pencil-Line Transfer spray.

  • Specialty Papers

    Specialty Papers

    These papers are a wide array of papers that artists use for stencilling, collage, to transfer patterns, seperate artwork or for general office use like the index cards or lecturer's pads. Use the marble papers and tissue papers are perfect for decoration or collage. Choose from 3M, Pacon, Bemis Jason, Sally's, Saral, Coloraid and Strathmore.

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