Drawing Pads

Drawing Pads

Drawing pads are usually a much heavier paper than sketch pads to take the rough abuse necessary due to erasing and redrawing until your art is "just right". Most brands feature a bright white surface while a few pads also come in a cream color some artists prefer. Choose from Canson, Strathmore, Borden & Riley, Bienfang and Stonehenge.

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  • Strathmore 200/300 Drawing Pads

    Strathmore 200/300 Drawing Pads

    These Strathmore Drawing pads are made of a light to medium weight student grade paper. These pads are rated Very Good for most dry media such as pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal. 

  • Strathmore Windpower Drawing Pad

    Strathmore Windpower Drawing Pad

    Strathmore Windpower Drawing Pads are made from 100% wind power. Perfect for the environmentally conscientious consumer. The pad features bright white drawing paper and is suitable for a variety of mediums.

  • Strathmore 400/500 Series Drawing Paper

    Strathmore 400/500 Series Drawing Paper

    Strathmore 400/500 Drawing Pads are suited to line drawings and technical artwork. Medium surface accepts crayon, pen, pencil, charcoal, paints and markers.

  • Colored Pencil Drawing Pads

    Colored Pencil Drawing Pads

    These pads are designed specifically for working with colored pencils and contain durable paper that can handle reworking and multiple layers of media.

  • Canson Drawing Pads

    Discover a variety of different drawing pads from Canson with heavy-weight drawing paper.

  • Mixed Media Pads

    Mixed Media Pads

    Mix Media pads offer a heavyweight surface that can take both wet and dry media of all kinds. Perfect for artists wanting to experiment with various media and collage techniques.

  • Alibabette Drawing Books

    Alibabette Drawing Books

    Alibabette Editions is an exquisite paper line made in France. This extensive line features high quality drawing books that fit into any lifestyle.

  • Stonehenge Drawing Pads

    Stonehenge Drawing Pads

    Stonehenge Drawing pads are great for eching, charcoal, pastel, pencil, silkscreen, acrylics and watercolor. This versatile paper is acid-free with a neutral pH.

  • Holbein Drawing Book

    Holbein Drawing Book

    Holbein Drawing Books feature heavy cardboard cover that flips to give doule support and tie ribbons to protect against loss and damage. The paper accepts watercolor, ink, pencil, pastel and chalk.

  • Strathmore Visual Journals

    Strathmore Visual Journals

    Developed in response to artist insight and feedback, this line of journals provides greater freedom of expression with high-performing papers in book formats appropriate for journaling. Heavy-duty covers with strong wire bindings allow the journal to lie flat and to open up 360 degrees.

  • Other Drawing Pads

    Other Drawing Pads

    Choose from other drawing pads such as the Hunt Giant Drawing Pad, Riverside Combo Paper Pad and 3M Post-it Sketch & Stick Pads.

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