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The first pencils were simply charred wood - hence the term charcoal. Graphite pencils replaced lead in the mid 19th century and are available in over 17 hardnesses from very light to very dark. Choose from Mars Lumograph, Derwent, Sanford Prismacolor Turquoise, Faber Castell, Conte, and Design 3800.

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  • Graphite Drawing Pencils

    Graphite Drawing Pencils

    Graphite is a smooth grey-black mineral compound that makes dark marks yet erases easily. Choose from the hardest available - 9H - for light lines to the softest available - 9B - for dark, soft black lines. Hyatt's carries the brands you trust from Berol Turquoise, Derwent, Design 3800, Kimberly, General, Sanford, Cretacolor, Faber Castell & Kohinoor Hardtmuth.

  • Charcoal & Carbon Pencils

    Charcoal & Carbon Pencils

    Charcoal and carbon pencils make the blackest lines available and are easily smudged and blended. Choose from General, Conte & Derwent brands.

  • Sketching Pencils

    Sketching Pencils

    Sketching pencils are great for simple or complex drawings. Soft and intensely black. Choose from Ebony, Koh-I-Noor, Hardtmuth, Berol, Sanford, General Draughting, Conte, Cretacolor, Pitt, Faber-Castell & Derwent.

  • Drawing and Mechanical Pencil Leads

    Drawing and Mechanical Pencil Leads

    Drawing leads are available in a variety of sizes, some large enough to allow free form sketching. Choose from smallest .3mm to largest of 5mm and find the right leads for every project.  Mechanical pencil refills are available from Caran d'Ache and Lamy.

  • Water Soluble Sketching Pencils

    Water Soluble Sketching Pencils

    These sketching pencils are blendable with water after sketching or can be dipped in water and drawn while wet. Various hardness degrees for a variety of shades. 

  • Artist Sketching Crayons

    Artist Sketching Crayons

    Find a variety of artist grade crayons perfect for sketching and drawing. Many are available in a range of hardness levels and neutral colors. They can be sharpened for detail work with a sanding pad.

  • Charcoal & Graphite

    Charcoal & Graphite

    Still made from willow branches that have been charred, vine charcoal is the best drawing charcoal made. Compressed charcoal lasts longer and is more consistent while smooth graphite sticks allow corrections with most erasers.

  • Drawing Sets

    Drawing Sets

    These drawing sets will provide you with a variety of drawing tools to get you started creating your own beautiful sketches and drawings. Many are made by General Pencil, who has been handcrafting pencils in the United States for over 100 years.

  • Leadholders/Mechanical Pencils

    Leadholders/Mechanical Pencils

    Leadholders hold 2mm and 5.6mm leads and must be sharpened in a lead pointer or with a sanding pad. Mechanical pencils hold fine leads that never need sharpening. Choose from Pentel, Cretacolor, Caran d’Ache, Kohinoor & Sanford Berol Turquoise.

  • Sharpeners/Lead Pointers

    Sharpeners/Lead Pointers

    Sharpen your graphite and colored pencils easily with this assortment of sharpeners from Hunt Boston, Kohinoor, Alvin & Faber-Castell. 2mm drafting and drawing leads are pointed easily in the lead pointers from Dahle, C-Thru & Alvin.

  • Erasers


    Soft and crumbly, Artgum erasers erase cleanly. Staedtler-Mars vinyl erasers erase cleanly off of most surfaces. Kneaded erasers by Design smudge and blend most graphite and charcoal drawings. Triangular erasers from Alvin & Faber fit in tight spots for accurate erasing.

  • Pencil Storage

    Pencil Storage

    Store your pencils in these bags and boxes for easy transport. Choose from molded acrylic or leather by ArtBin, Alvin, Faber-Castell and Leather Etc.

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