Painting Tools & Storage

Find all the extra accessories like palettes, painting knives, brush cleaners, and more to make the most of your painting. You'll also find storage for brushes, tools, and paint to keep your supplies organized.

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  • Painting Knives

    Painting Knives

    Painting knives, also known as palette knives, are used for mixing color, applying color to a painting surface or creating deep texture in applied paint for an impasto effect. Available in over 20 shapes and sizes in steel or plastic. Metal knives have flexible tips for maximum control while plastic knifes offer economy and safety.

  • Colour Shapers

    Colour Shapers

    Colour Shapers are a very unique line of flexible tipped brushes used for manipulation of oils or acrylics in an impasto technique. Can also be used for clay texturing. Choose from 3 levels of stiffness in many different shapes.

  • Sponges


    Natural and synthetic sponges are great for watercolor and other art uses.

  • Palettes


    Whether you paint in oils, acrylics or watercolors, Hyatt's has the palette for you! Plastic palettes from Art Alternatives, John Pike, Quiller, Eldajon, Richeson, Masterson and Holbein. Wood, plastic and Melamine palettes in traditional oval or rectangular, as well as tempered safety glass palettes by Paragona.

  • Plastic Application & Atomizer Bottles

    Plastic Application & Atomizer Bottles

    Choose from a range of sturdy plastic containers and atomizers for your paint mixing and art material storage.

  • Paint Saver Keys & Squeezers

    Paint Saver Keys & Squeezers

    Save money by getting all of the paint out of your tubes with Paint Savers and Paint Squeezers.

  • Color Wheels and Mixing Guides

    Color Wheels and Mixing Guides

    Take the guess work out of mixing color with our variety of color wheels and mixing guides.

  • Smocks and Aprons

    Smocks and Aprons

    Choose from high quality adult and children's smocks and aprons.

  • Manikins


    Bendable and movable manikins allow you to learn body positions for life drawing without a live model! Available in different wood finishes and sizes as well as detailed plastic, there is sure to be a size to fit every budget! For animal lovers, there are horse, giraffe, lizard, dog and cat manikins available. Manikins also make great Object d'Art!

  • Other Painting Tools

    Other Painting Tools

    Hyatt's carries a variety of other painting accessories such as protective floor mats, canvas shleppers, perspective view finders and picture clips.

  • Brush Cleaners

    Brush Cleaners

    Save money by keeping your brushes clean with these brush washers, soaps and cleaners. Silicoil and Mona Lisa cleaning jars are very popular with oil and acrylic painters. Pink Soap brand cleaner as well as Master brush cleaner keeps brushes supple and allow pointing and shaping for proper storage. Kiss Off removes paint and ink stains from clothing. Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well allows watercolorists to clean brushes as they paint.

  • Brush and Supply Storage

    Brush and Supply Storage

    Find a variety of storage options including brush holders that keep your brushes safe and protects, as well as wooden sketchboxes for painting on the move. Toolboxes keep all types of supplies contained in one place.

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