Watercolor & Special Brushes

Watercolor brushes are soft and flexible to hold as much water as possible. Short handles make storage and traveling easier. Winsor & Newton Series 7 have been considered the finest Russian Kolinsky Red Sable watercolor brushes for over 150 years. DaVinci Cosmotop Spin brushes are a synthetic that rivals Red Sable. Cirrus brushes are a blend of Red Sable for great performance at a lower price. Robert Simmons White Sable were the first synthetic watercolor brush and are available in many shapes and sizes.

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  • Autograph Kolinsky Sable Brushes

    Handmade in Germany, the Autograph by Hyatt's Kolinsky Sable brushes are the same Autograph brushes that have long been an artist favorite. Made with Siberian Kolinsky red sable hair, these brushes hold perfect point and contain superior spring and life. Ideal for watercolor artists looking for the perfect painting tools.

  • W&N Series 7 Kolinsky Sable

    W&N Series 7 Kolinsky Sable

    The world's finest watercolor paint brushes were originally made for Queen Victoria by Royal Warrant in 1866. Series 7 derives it's name from her favorite size; the number 7. Only 5% of incoming hairs are deemed suitable for Series 7 production. Hairs are hand tied in the distinctive English "long belly" style at Winsor & Newton's east coast factory at Lowestoft, England. All brushes are wet tested before they leave the factory. Simply the finest brushes available!

  • W&N Artists Watercolour Sable Brushes

    W&N Artists Watercolour Sable Brushes

    Made of quality Kolinsky the Winsor and Newton Artists Water Colour Sable has all of the qualities expected of the finest water colour brushes, except the expensive price. Series 7150 are Rounds in sizes 00 to 12, Pointed Rounds sizes 3 to 8, Rigger in sizes 1 to 6 and One Stoke sizes 1/8" to 1". All Winsor and Newton Water Colour brushes feature a distinctive double bodied shape handle with a satin matte finish to provide comfort while painting.

  • Princeton Heritage 4050 Series Brushes

    The Series 4050 Heritage brushes by Princeton are composed of the perfect blend of golden taklon in multiple diameters that is ideal for watercolors and acrylics. Developed by master Japanese brush-maker Naohide Takamoto, this flagship brush was the first synthetic sable to be offered to artists. This brush drinks up gulps of water, paints supple strokes and has a natural snap. Additional features include enhanced color holding capacity, sharp points and crisp edges. More durable and affordable than natural sable.

  • Princeton Summit White Synthetic 6850 Brushes

    These next generation white synthetic brushes by Princeton have super white bristles and feature superior color holding capacity and shape. Outperforming any other white synthetic on the market the Summit line is great for watercolor, gouache and fluid acrylics.

  • Princeton Velvetouch 3950 Series Brushes

    Princeton Velvetouch 3950 Series Brushes

    The Series 3950 Velvetouch brushes by Princeton are comprised of a multiple-filament, luxury synthetic blend for excellent color-holding capacity, precision tapering and resilient spring.  This superior blend is unique to each individual shape to ensure maximum performance and is the best quality for multimedia applications with acrylic, watercolor and oil. The signature, smooth Velvetouch handles provide ultimate comfort as you paint. 

  • Princeton Series 7050 - Natural Kolinsky Sable Brushes

    Princeton Series 7050 - Natural Kolinsky Sable Brushes

    These watercolor brushes are made with the finest Kolinsky sable hair. Hand-shaped by skilled German brush makers, the brush heads are what make these brushes a must-have for watercolorists. The natural hair ensures a generous belly for holding water and for maintaining a fine point.

  • Princeton Synthetic Sable 4350 Series Brushes

    Princeton Synthetic Sable 4350 Series Brushes

    One of our best sellers, this Princeton 4350 Series Watercolor paint brush is economical and durable. Great for watercolor, pen & ink, gouache and even acrylics. Short handle in distinctive bright green color. Available from 5x0 to 16 in 11 shapes.

  • Princeton Synthetic Sable 6150 Series Brushes

    Princeton Synthetic Sable 6150 Series Brushes

    Economical yet with excellent quality, the Princeton 6150 Series Watercolor paint brushes have white synthetic bristles with responsive performance. Soft feel is perfect for watercolor or acrylics. Available in broad range of sizes from 10x0 to 30. Grey blue handle. Similar to Simmons White Sable paint brushes.

  • Princeton Neptune Synthetic Squirrel 4750 Brushes

    Princeton Neptune Synthetic Squirrel 4750 Brushes

    Neptune Watercolor Brushes are made with the softest synthetic squirrel fiber Princeton has ever made. Available in seven beautiful shapes including Aquarelle, Dagger, Mottler, Oval Wash, Quill, Script, and Square Wash.

  • Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

    Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

    The original synthetic artist's brush, The Robert Simmons White Sable paint brush was developed in the 1970's to offer a synthetic brush that could compete with the increasingly expensive Kolinsky Red Sable brushes. Made from different thicknesses of synthetic filaments, it can hold large amounts of color and has excellent snap and spring. Seamless nickel plated brass ferrules are attached to handles of beechwood from the forests of Maine. 24 shapes and sizes to choose from.

  • Escoda Versatil Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Brushes

    Escoda Versatil Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Brushes

    Versatil is made with a synthetic material containing all of the attributes of a real Kolinsky sable. It is an elegant brush that retains its perfect point, and has top notch color retention and spring. It’s creation has transcended all expectations. Escoda brushes are handcrafted with the finest materials and a family’s all-consuming expertise. Because of their enduring performance, all artists can enjoy the pleasure of painting with Escoda.

  • Princeton Elite 4850 Series Brushes

    Princeton Elite 4850 Series Brushes

    The Series 4850 Elite by Princeton are high performing watercolor brushes that features Synthetic Kolinsky Sable hairs. The Elite line is an affordable priced alternative to natural Kolinsky and due to the NextGen technology each brush performs with an impeccable likeness, holding more paint that other synthetics on the market and features the finest point and tapered edge. With a comfortable short handle, easily glide watercolors onto your surface with even color release. 

  • Cotman Synthetic Sable Brushes

    Cotman Synthetic Sable Brushes

    By blending synthetic fibers of different thicknesses, Winsor & Newton has achieved great spring, point and snap in the W&N Cotman watercolor paint brushes. Ten series are available each with a broad range of sizes. Distinctive blue handle in sizes from 4x0 round to 2 inch wash.

  • Dynasty Black Gold Synthetic Sable 206 Series Brushes

    Dynasty Black Gold Synthetic Sable 206 Series Brushes

    Known by their black ferrules and two-toned wood and black handles, the Dynasty Black Gold watercolor brushes rival expensive sable brushes in their water holding capacity. A perfect paint brush for watercolors, pen and ink and gouache. Durable and cleans out easily.

  • Princeton Select 3750 Series Brushes

    Princeton Select 3750 Series Brushes

     The Series 3750 Select brushes by Princeton in partnership with artist Willow Wolfe are perfect for your decorative and technique painting needs. A variety of synthetic and natural hair, the short handled Select brushes with their distinct shapes  allow you to truly express your creativity. The satin-finish jewlery box blue handles are the icing on the cake for these unique specialty brushes.

  • DaVinci Cosmotop Spin Brushes

    DaVinci Cosmotop Spin Brushes

    Completely handmade by craftsmen in their own factory in Germany, DaVinci Cosmotop Spin watercolor brushes use five diameters of fibers. Spinning the fibers distributes the stronger, stiffer hairs to the outside of the ferrule while finer, softer hairs remain in the center. This gives the cosmotop Spin it's incredible water holding properties for perfect watercolor handling. Paint brush handles are a laquered Rosewood with hexagonal grip for perfect balance. Truly a work of art!

  • daVinci Cosmotop Mix Brushes

    daVinci Cosmotop Mix Brushes

    daVinci Cosmotop Mix brushes for watercolor & Gouache is a combination of Kolinsky Red Sable, Russian Blue Squirrel and Russian Fitch, along with small amounts of synthetic hair.

  • Raphael Brushes

    Raphael Brushes

    Raphael is the oldest fine art brush maker in Europe - using the finest hairs and bristles from around the world. Each brush is hand made using centuries-old techniques by craftwoman who has spent years training under a master brush maker.

  • Isabey Artists Brushes

    Isabey Artists Brushes

    Beautiful brushes for artists that are handcrafted in France from start to finish. It takes brush makers 7 years to learn how to make brushes from the Isabey line and 10 years of apprentice work before they are allowed to make Kolinsky sable, red sable and Siberian blue squirrel mop brushes. All Isabey brushes are shaped exclusively during the mounting of the hair, without further cutting or re-shaping of its tip. Through traditional methods, careful selection of materials, the strictest quality control and unparalleled pride in workmanship, Isabey crafts brushes of distinction that are truly works of art.

  • Camel & Squirrel Hair Brushes

    Camel & Squirrel Hair Brushes

    Natural hair paint brushes are still preferred by many artists over their newer synthetic counterparts. Camel hair is actually horse, goat or ox hair and it is soft and durable. Squirrel hair makes the best watercolor paint brushes without the added expense of Red Sable. Oval Ox hair brushes are great for watercolors or gouache. Mop brushes are similar to cosmetics brushes and are used by watercolorists for large swashes of color.

  • Calligraphy/Sumi Brushes

    Calligraphy/Sumi Brushes

    Bamboo paint brushes have been used for centuries by Chinese & Japanese calligraphers. They are also used in Sumi-E art. Calligraphy brushes produce fine to broad strokes for calligraphy, etching and painting. Reed pens are bamboo which has been cut and split to form a point for drawing and sketching. Hake is usually goat or sheep hair used for large washes of colors or background.

  • Lettering Brushes

    Lettering Brushes

    Hand lettering, striping and sign painting is an art and Hyatt's carries the brushes that Sign Painters ask for! Lettering quills by Mack make hand lettering easier due to their straight cut design. Dagger stripers make pin striping easier by holding large amounts of paint for longer runs. Script brushes by Simmons work well for striping and designing.

  • Stencil/Foam/Faux Painting

    Stencil/Foam/Faux Painting

    Stencil paint brushes by Simmons are made from the finest horse hair with a specially cut flat end which is perfect for stenciling designs with a minimum of bleeding. Foam and Chip Brushes are great for kids projects, simple signs or any art project where a disposable brush is required. Stubby brushes are great for murals or childrens' art as their handles are shorter and larger for easy grip by little hands!

  • Princeton Mini Hobby Brushes

    Princeton Mini Hobby Brushes

    Princeton 3050 Series Mini Hobby paint brushes are made for acrylics and are used by painters on miniatures, figurines and for fine detail work. Made from durable synthetic fibers. Short, soft, rubberized handle allows precise control. Tiny sizes from 20x0 to 1/4 inch in many hard to find styles such as deerfoot, spotter, liner, grainer and dagger striper and angle shader.

  • Travel & Waterbrushes

    Travel & Waterbrushes

    Cosmotop Travel Brush holds more water than any other synthetic. It is a blend of 5 different diameters of extra smooth synthetic hair. The Maestro Travel Brush is daVinci’s finest watercolor brush in a convenient travel size. Travel handle protects tip of brush yet extends for full length while painting. Pentel and Niji Waterbrushes have empty barrels for storing water making them easy on-the-go watercolor instruments.

  • Brush Stylus

    Brush Stylus

    These are a stylus and a paintbrush in one. Made for use with touch screen devices such as iPads, the brush head features tapered synthetic bristles with conductive poperties that easily glides across the screen. To use as a brush, remove the cap and place on the end to create a well-weighted paintbrush handle. To use as a stylus, simply keep the cap on and use the rubber tip. Makes a great gift!

  • Watercolor/Specialty Brush Sets

    Watercolor/Specialty Brush Sets

    Sets of watercolor range from simple Crayola sets to excellent sets by Princeton and FM Brush. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes that are used for oils, watercolor, acrylic and craft and hobby applications, Hyatt's is sure to have a set to fit your needs!

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