Liquitex Heavy Body Tube Acrylics

Liquitex Heavy Body Tube Acrylics

Liquitex makes acrylics in three consistencies: Soft Body, Heavy Body, and Super Heavy Body. All three have the same amount of pigment per ounce of product. But, each is mixed with a different medium which controls how the pigment molecules slide past each other when pushed by a brush or painting knife. Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics are the original tube color developed in 1955 and used for years by artists worldwide. They paint with a buttery consistency similar to oil paint. Previously known as Liquitex High Viscosity, all 100 colors of Heavy Body Acrylics are packaged in easy to handle 2 oz. tubes. 36 colors are made in 4.65 oz. tubes and three colors in 7 oz. tubes.

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