Mat Cutters

Mat Cutters

Logan hand held mat cutters allow any artist or photographer to cut their own mats and save money! Larger Logan mat cutting systems are available and include a cutting rail and mat stops to make repeated cuts easier. Accessories and replacement blades allow even the novice to produce professional frame shop results!

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  • Logan Hand Held Mat Cutters

    Logan Hand Held Mat Cutters

    Hand held mat cutters are an affordable option that allow anyone to learn how to smoothly cut their own mats for framing pictures and artwork.

  • Logan Board Mounted Mat Cutters

    Logan Board Mounted Mat Cutters

    Board mounted mat cutters provide a platform, cutting system, and cutter in one product that allows the user to quickly and easily produce larger quantities of mats. Ideal for DIY framers.

  • Logan Cutting Systems

    Logan Cutting Systems

    These mat cutting sets provide a combo system utilizing a hand held mat cutter with a Logan straight edge to give the user everything they need to begin making their own mats.

  • Logan Replacement Blades

    Logan Replacement Blades

    Find replacement blades for many Logan mat cutters.

  • Logan Mat Cutting Accessories

    Logan Mat Cutting Accessories

    Accessories to aid in the process of making professional looking mats.

  • Logan Foamwerks

    Logan Foamwerks

    Foamwerks products from Logan allow foamboard to easily be cut for a variety of projects.

  • Mat Cutting Books

    Mat Cutting Books

    Learn how to cut your own mats and complete projects using mat board with these great how-to books from Logan.

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