Sculpture and Clay

Sculpture is such a wide area of 3D art study. Hyatt's carries all the supplies and types of clay & plasters you need! Choose from oil-based plasteline -- also known as plastelina -- air-dry, oven-bake polymer and polymer resins as well as Hydrocal & Plaster of Paris for casting & moulding.

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  • 3D Printing Sculpture

    3D Printing Sculpture

    Create a 3D solid object from your own 2D design! Recent technological advances allow sculpture to be created via 3D printing, presenting new possibilities in the form and production of sculpture in a range of materials. These sculptures can be created using CAD software, or free-form using 3D printing pens.

  • Sculpey Polymer Clay

    Sculpey Polymer Clay

    Polymer clay can be carved, molded and shaped and then hardened by simple baking in a normal oven. No kiln required! Very popular for jewelry, sculpture, art and design. Choose from hundreds of colors. Once hardened, Sculpey, Premo & Kato clays can be cut, carved, drilled and milled to the desired shape. Let your imagination run wild!

    Click here for complete color chart.

  • Claytoon Clay

    Claytoon Clay

    This non-hardening, non-toxic modeling clay is oil based and can be used over and over without hardening or drying out! Claytoon clay has been used by claymation artists for decades. Choose from assorted color sets and let your imagination run wild!

  • Modeling and Sculpture Clays

    Modeling and Sculpture Clays

    These modeling clays run the gamut! Choose from Crayola foam air dry materials that are light and non-toxic, oil based plastelina/plasteline clays that never dry, air dry clays from Amaco & Sculture house that replicate kiln dry clays and stone. Can't decide? Grab some Silly Putty or Glow-In-The-Dark Silly Putty!

  • Kiln Fired Clays

    Kiln Fired Clays

    Laguna Moist Clay available in warm orange/brown and white.

  • Pottery Wheels and Accessories

    Pottery Wheels and Accessories

    We have Pottery Wheels and all accessories needed to create your own clay studio. Find portable and studio wheels plus bats, stools, and replacement parts. Hyatt's also carries a variety of clays and tools for all your pottery needs.

  • Casts and Molding Material

    Casts and Molding Material

    Use latex molding rubber to replicate lost details from frames, mouldings and artwork. Fill with plaster or Hydrocal and Voila! -- a new part replicated to the finest detail! Use resin based materials for even greater durability. Papier mache and Celluclay provide easy and non-toxic ways to make sculptures, masks and art. Just mix with water & create!

  • Sculpture blocks for carving

    Rigid forms for subtractive carving in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use heavy carving tools to create your basic finished shape, then use fine rasps and sandpapers to create curves and smooth surfaces.

  • Clay Shapers and Brushes

    Clay Shapers and Brushes

    Many artists prefer to paint with palette knives or these rubber tipped brushes rather than traditional hair & bristle brushes. Sculptors like to use the stiifer black tipped Clay Shapers to make marks and designs in soft clays before drying or firing. Color coded for stiffness.

  • Stone Carving Materials

    Stone Carving Materials

    One of the oldest forms of art is carving stone. Removing specific areas using hand-tools can create ever-lasting masterpieces. Basic and advanced tools are available in a variety of sizes, weights and shapes. These include points, rakes, chisels and hammers - each one used for different carving purposes. For beginners, a kit is a great place to start. Sets of tools have had the individual items chosen to work best together.

  • Armature


    Regardless of the clay or sculpting material used, sculptures need an interior frame or armature to prevent sagging. Aluminum armature wires are the most traditional yet many artists use metal mesh or even pipe cleaners to brace their scuptures while drying or firing.

  • Clay Accessories and Tools

    Clay Accessories and Tools

    Every sculptor needs tools to render their sculpture and Hyatt's has a wide selection to choose from. Boxwood, metal & plastic tools & scrapers allow details to be added or deleted easily. Sets contain the tools most students or beginners need. Beginning pottery wheel allows kids to practice sculpting at home. Mabef wood professional sculpture trestle allows works in progress to be worked on easily since it rotates to allow work on all sides.

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