Decorative Stencils

Decorative Stencils

Great designs for a variety of media. Great for paper projects, fabric and mixed media. Use with everything from pencil to spray paint to acrylic mediums.

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Stencil 6X6 Aspen Trees Stencil 6X6 Aspen Trees A40700 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Art Deco Leaves Stencil 6X6 Art Deco Leaves A40702 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Bamboo Stencil 6X6 Bamboo A40703 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Birds Stencil 6X6 Birds A40704 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Birds Of A Feather Stencil 6X6 Birds Of A Feather A40705 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Branches Stencil 6X6 Branches A40706 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Brocade Stencil 6X6 Brocade A40708 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Capricious Stencil 6X6 Capricious A40710 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Flower Frenzy Stencil 6X6 Flower Frenzy A40711 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Cherry Blossom Stencil 6X6 Cherry Blossom A40712 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Chicken Wire Stencil 6X6 Chicken Wire A40713 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Cosmic Swirl Stencil 6X6 Cosmic Swirl A40714 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Gears Stencil 6X6 Gears A40715 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Retro Squares Stencil 6X6 Retro Squares A40716 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Retrobursts Stencil 6X6 Retrobursts A40717 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Mod Checkerboard Stencil 6X6 Mod Checkerboard A40718 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Fifties Clock Stencil 6X6 Fifties Clock A40719 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Ferns Stencil 6X6 Ferns A40720 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Knot Garden Stencil 6X6 Knot Garden A40721 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Ginkgo Leaves Stencil 6X6 Ginkgo Leaves A40725 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Harlequin Stencil 6X6 Harlequin A40727 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Mod Spirals Stencil 6X6 Mod Spirals A40729 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Sunburst Stencil 6X6 Sunburst A40730 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Wildflowers Stencil 6X6 Wildflowers A40731 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Butterflies Stencil 6X6 Butterflies A40732 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Solid Butterflies Stencil 6X6 Solid Butterflies A40733 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Flutterby Stencil 6X6 Flutterby A40734 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Echoes Stencil 6X6 Echoes A40735 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Petals Stencil 6X6 Petals A40736 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Onion Skin Stencil 6X6 Onion Skin A40737 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Quartrefoil Reversed Stencil 6X6 Quartrefoil Reversed A40738 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Ripples Stencil 6X6 Ripples A40739 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Time Travel Stencil 6X6 Time Travel A40740 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 4X4 Sugar Skull Bits Stencil 4X4 Sugar Skull Bits A40741 $3.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Art Is Stencil 6X6 Art Is A40742 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Bricks Stencil 6X6 Bricks A40743 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Climbing Vines Reversed Stencil 6X6 Climbing Vines Reversed A40744 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Dancing Leaves Stencil 6X6 Dancing Leaves A40745 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Zebra Print Stencil 6X6 Zebra Print A40750 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Zen Flower Stencil 6X6 Zen Flower A40751 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Mini Fireworks Stencil 6X6 Mini Fireworks A40755 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Mini Persian Gate Stencil 6X6 Mini Persian Gate A40756 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Mini Tribal Triangle Stencil 6X6 Mini Tribal Triangle A40759 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Mini Repeating Pods Stencil 6X6 Mini Repeating Pods A40761 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 6X6 Mini Windmills Stencil 6X6 Mini Windmills A40765 $4.99 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Art Deco Leaves Stencil 12X12 Art Deco Leaves A40800 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Bamboo Stencil 12X12 Bamboo A40803 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Birds Stencil 12X12 Birds A40804 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Branches Stencil 12X12 Branches A40806 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Branches Reverse Stencil 12X12 Branches Reverse A40807 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Brocade Stencil 12X12 Brocade A40808 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Cherry Blossom Stencil 12X12 Cherry Blossom A40812 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Chicken Wire Stencil 12X12 Chicken Wire A40813 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Cosmic Swirl Stencil 12X12 Cosmic Swirl A40814 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Climbing Vines Reversed Stencil 12X12 Climbing Vines Reversed A40816 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Fancy Feathers Stencil 12X12 Fancy Feathers A40817 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Flower Frenzy Stencil 12X12 Flower Frenzy A40819 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Ferns Stencil 12X12 Ferns A40820 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Ginkgo Leaves Stencil 12X12 Ginkgo Leaves A40825 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Knot Garden Stencil 12X12 Knot Garden A40828 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Petals Stencil 12X12 Petals A40829 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Moroccan Tiles Stencil 12X12 Moroccan Tiles A40830 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Onion Skin Stencil 12X12 Onion Skin A40831 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Peacock Feathers Stencil 12X12 Peacock Feathers A40832 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Retrobursts Stencil 12X12 Retrobursts A40833 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Rosetta Stencil 12X12 Rosetta A40835 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Stained Glass Stencil 12X12 Stained Glass A40836 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Zen Flower Stencil 12X12 Zen Flower A40837 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Damask Stencil 12X12 Damask A40838 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Dancing Leaves Stencil 12X12 Dancing Leaves A40839 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Palms Stencil 12X12 Palms A40841 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Ripples Stencil 12X12 Ripples A40843 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Texturized Stencil 12X12 Texturized A40845 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 12X12 Wood Grain Stencil 12X12 Wood Grain A40849 $7.49 ADD
Stencil 8.5X11 Graceful 1In Letters Stencil 8.5X11 Graceful 1In Letters A40902 $6.49 ADD
Stencil 8.5X11 Dreamsicle 1N Letters Stencil 8.5X11 Dreamsicle 1N Letters A40904 $6.49 ADD
Stencil 4X4 Burlap Bits Stencil 4X4 Burlap Bits A40941 $3.99 ADD
Stencil 4X4 Doodleleaf Bits Stencil 4X4 Doodleleaf Bits A40943 $3.99 ADD
Stencil 4X4 House Bits Stencil 4X4 House Bits A40945 $3.99 ADD
Stencil 4X4 Pods Fragments Stencil 4X4 Pods Fragments A40949 $3.99 ADD
Stencil 4X4 Single Feather Stencil 4X4 Single Feather A40950 $3.99 ADD
D-M-C Stencils 201 Collection Set Of 10 D-M-C Stencils 201 Collection Set Of 10 Y64505 $6.95 ADD

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