Calligraphy/Sumi Brushes

Calligraphy/Sumi Brushes

Bamboo paint brushes have been used for centuries by Chinese & Japanese calligraphers. They are also used in Sumi-E art. Calligraphy brushes produce fine to broad strokes for calligraphy, etching and painting. Reed pens are bamboo which has been cut and split to form a point for drawing and sketching. Hake is usually goat or sheep hair used for large washes of colors or background.

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  • W&N Brown Bamboo Brush Series 150

    W&N Brown Bamboo Brush Series 150

    The Series 150 Bamboo brushes by Winsor & Newton feature long, tapered points. Brown in color, these brushes are well-suited for calligraphy, painting and etching.

  • Yasutomo Calligraphy Bamboo Brush

    Yasutomo Calligraphy Bamboo Brush

    The popular Yasutomo Calligraphy Bamboo Brush is made with coarse, stiff hair for a crisp touch. An econimal fine brush for your calligraphy needs.

  • Yasutomo Haboku Artist Brush

    The Haboku Artist brush by Yasutomo is made with a unique combination of horse and synthetic hairs with a smooth bamboo handle.  This brush was developed to meet the needs of artists who require the quality and performance of a professional brush at an affordable price. Haboku brushes can produce very fine to broad lines in the same stroke.

  • Yasutomo Multihead Bamboo Brush

    Yasutomo Multihead Bamboo Brush

    The unique Multihead Bamboo Brush by Yasutomo is made of soft sheep hair; made thick to provide a firm touch. This brush can be used to produce a wide variety of background effects. The individual pieces can be pulled apart if so desired.

  • Yasutomo Hake Flat Brush

    Yasutomo Hake Flat Brush

    The Hake Flat Brush by Yasutomo is made of sheep hair and while particularly well-suited for ceramic art, can be used with a wide range of media, including watercolor and oil. The metal ferrule protects the brushes' roots. This hake brush is Inexpensive and long lasting.

  • Yasutomo Bamboo Reed Pen

    Yasutomo Bamboo Reed Pen

    The Bamboo Reed Pen by Yasutomo is made from genuine bamboo cut and sharpened to a fine point. Well-suited for calligraphy and painting.

  • Sumi Brush Sets

    Sumi Brush Sets

    Looking to buy bamboo calligraphy brushes in a range of sizes?  Sumi brush sets are for you!

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