Calligraphy/Sumi Brushes

Calligraphy/Sumi Brushes

Bamboo paint brushes have been used for centuries by Chinese & Japanese calligraphers. They are also used in Sumi-E art. Calligraphy brushes produce fine to broad strokes for calligraphy, etching and painting. Reed pens are bamboo which has been cut and split to form a point for drawing and sketching. Hake is usually goat or sheep hair used for large washes of colors or background.

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  • W&N Brown Bamboo Brush Series 150

    W&N Brown Bamboo Brush Series 150

    The Series 150 Bamboo brushes by Winsor & Newton feature long, tapered points. Brown in color, these brushes are well-suited for calligraphy, painting and etching.

  • Yasutomo Calligraphy Bamboo Brush

    Yasutomo Calligraphy Bamboo Brush

    The popular Yasutomo Calligraphy Bamboo Brush is made with coarse, stiff hair for a crisp touch. An econimal fine brush for your calligraphy needs.

  • Yasutomo Haboku Artist Brush

    The Haboku Artist brush by Yasutomo is made with a unique combination of horse and synthetic hairs with a smooth bamboo handle.  This brush was developed to meet the needs of artists who require the quality and performance of a professional brush at an affordable price. Haboku brushes can produce very fine to broad lines in the same stroke.

  • Yasutomo Multihead Bamboo Brush

    Yasutomo Multihead Bamboo Brush

    The unique Multihead Bamboo Brush by Yasutomo is made of soft sheep hair; made thick to provide a firm touch. This brush can be used to produce a wide variety of background effects. The individual pieces can be pulled apart if so desired.

  • Yasutomo Hake Flat Brush

    Yasutomo Hake Flat Brush

    The Hake Flat Brush by Yasutomo is made of sheep hair and while particularly well-suited for ceramic art, can be used with a wide range of media, including watercolor and oil. The metal ferrule protects the brushes' roots. This hake brush is Inexpensive and long lasting.

  • Classic Hake Brush - Wire Tied

    The Classic Hake Brush is made with very soft goat hair glued and either stitched to or tied to the handle with copper wire. Some have the more modern metal ferrule to attach the hair to the wood handles. Hake brushes are wide traditional calligraphy brushes that are great for use with ink watercolor and even water based bookbinding glues. The Classic Hake Brush is ideal for student and professional use alike.

  • Yasutomo Student Hake Brush

    The Student Hake Brush by Yasutomo is made of selected soft sheep hair. Very versatile, this flat brush can be used for watercolor, calligraphy and sizing. 

  • Yasutomo Bamboo Reed Pen

    Yasutomo Bamboo Reed Pen

    The Bamboo Reed Pen by Yasutomo is made from genuine bamboo cut and sharpened to a fine point. Well-suited for calligraphy and painting.

  • Sumi Brush Sets

    Sumi Brush Sets

    Looking to buy bamboo calligraphy brushes in a range of sizes?  Sumi brush sets are for you!

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