Furniture & Equipment

Hyatt's carries the finest furniture for your art studio! Easels from Mabef, Studio RTA, Testrite and many others. Tables and flat files from Alvin, Mayline and Studio RTA. Parallel Bars from Mayline and Alvin as well as chairs, Daylight lamps, Vyco board cover and all the accessories you may need to customize your working space.

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  • Tables


    What is an art studio without a great table? Choose from our broad range of tables, including tables from Alvin and Studio RTA. These popular tables are a great way to make any space a more creative space!

  • Storage

    What every artist or professional needs is more space to store their stuff! Choose from taborets by Studio RTA or flat files from Mayline as well as all the other accessories to keep your space organized.

  • Vinyl Board Cover

    Vinyl Board Cover

    Made in Denmark, this 5-ply vinyl keeps your table or work surface protected. Reversible surface features 2 colors to match any decor. Should be mounted with Vyco Tape, Hyatt's number R13260.

  • Chairs


    Does your back hurt after hours of drawing or painting? Try a new chair! Alvin chairs are available in a broad range of heights and styles to fit any artist and work space! Or if your painting outdoors, try travel stool from Alvin or Mabef.

  • All Easels

    All Easels

    Hyatt's carries a broad range of easels for all artists from beginner to professional. Choose from several different types: Table easels for use on any table, Studio easels which are freestanding floor models,Travel easels such as a French easel to take your art outdoors and various Display easels! Many travel easels come complete with a carrying bag. Wood, steel and aluminum construction give you a broad choice to fit your particular need!

  • Easel Backs

    Easel Backs

    Display your creation. Use these on signs, photos, crafts or any material which needs easel support. These are strong pre-punched easels with a self adhesive strip. Available in white or black.

  • White and Chalk Board Supplies

    White and Chalk Board Supplies

    Dry Erase markers and erasers for chalk and white board.

  • Lamps and Bulbs

    Lamps and Bulbs

    Don't strain your eyes! A Daylight lamp with color corrected bulbs will make colors brighter, truer and easier on your eyes. Choose from Easel lamps, Desk Lamps as well as floor models.

  • Light Boxes

    Light Boxes

    Artists, Photographers and Calligraphers know the value of a good light box! Available in a wide range of sizes from the Portable Globox to larger boxes from Artograph & Gagne.

  • Light Box Bulbs and Accessories

    Replacement bulbs and accessories for Artograph and Gagne lightboxes.

  • Spray Booths

    Spray Booths

    Keep your studio free from toxic fumes and particles with an Artograph Spray Booth!

  • Spray Booth Filters and Accessories

    Spray Booth Filters and Accessories

    Here you will find filters for the Artograph Spray Systems 1520, 153 and 2025.

  • Studio Safety

    Studio Safety

    Promote a safe environment in your studio with these items.  Including portable ventilators for use with oils and encaustics. 

  • Projectors and Tracers

    Projectors and Tracers

    Even in this digital age, a good projector will make any mural, sign or large design easier by projecting your artwork on to any surface. Choose from the inexpensive Tracer or get the best by investing in the Super Prism by Artograph.

  • Projector Stands, Bulbs & Accessories

    Projector Stands, Bulbs & Accessories

    Artograph projector stands, replacement light bulbs and accessories.

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