Solar Color Dusts

Solar Color Dusts

Powdered pigments to take your artwork to the next level. Add the different powders to clear mediums to make your base or paint UV sensitive, solar sensitive, heat sensitive, chameleon color shifting, magnetic, metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, or holographic. 

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  • Solar Color Dust

    Solar Color Dust is a UV sensitive pigment powder that changes from white to it’s respective color when exposed to bright sunlight or when placed under a UV Blacklight. For use in different types of clear mediums. 

  • Thermal Dust

    Thermal Dust is a Heat sensitive pigment powder that reacts at its respective temperature. TD86 loses color at 86 degrees and warmer, and the quicker activation TD77 loses color at 77 degrees and warmer. TD72 is a Cold activated powder that gains color at 72 degrees and cooler. 

  • Glow Dust

    Glow Dust is a special glow in the dark powder that is best charged under natural sunlight or UV Blacklight. Color has intense glow for the first 15 minutes and then fades over hours. 

  • Chameleon Pigments

    Chameleon Pigments are concentrated color-shifting powders that can be used in a variety of applications, including automotive. Different effects can be reached by painting over a white or black background. 

  • Fluorescent Pigments

    Fluorescent Pigments react and glow under black light. Choose from colored powders that will become brighter when activated, or “Invisible” light-color pigments that change to an intense glow color. 

  • Holographic Pigments

    Holographic pigments come in various reflections and particle sizes. Achieve a beautiful shimmer rainbow effect when applied over a tacky black surface. 

  • 3D Magnetic Pigments

    3D Magnetic pigments are metallic powders that can be manipulated with strong magnets prior to curing in a base. Different reactions can be achieved based on the concentration of the powder and the strength of the magnet. 

  • Chroma Dust Series

    Chrome Dust is a unique specialty powder with metallic properties that should be applied by rubbing into a black base. Sold in a 1 gram jar. 

  • Gem Dust Series

    Gem Dusts are air-light white pigment powders that radiate with color as light reflects off of it. Available in different particle sizes and colors. Use on black background for beautiful shimmer effects. 

  • Other Series

    Solar Color Dust also offers several unique powders and liquids to enhance any project. From Reflective Powder that is often used for safety applications, to Liquid Crystal Thermo Ink that changes colors depending on the temperature.  

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