Choose from films for graphics, cartooning, craft projects, and drafting as well as for ink jet and laser printing. Choose from such brands as 3M, Grafix, Frisk, Hygloss, Funky Films & Ohio Graphics.

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  • Clear Films

    Clear Films

    Traditionally, cellophane & acetate were derived from natural materials and were used for all sorts of art applications, overlays and printing. When Dupont developed their Mylar brand of polyester films, artists, architects and engineers now had a virtually indestructible film to replace the cellophane and acetate they had been using. Duralar by Grafix is a clear polyester available in sheets, rolls and pads.

  • Drafting Films

    Drafting films feature a textured 'matte' surface on one or both sides, allowing the use of markers, pens, pencils, drawing leads or ink to create drawings, renderings, blueprints and any design on an indestructible, stable surface. Withstands repeated erasure. Choose from a variety of thicknesses in sheets or rolls.

  • Laser, Ink Jet & Copier Films

    These films can be used in laser printers, ink jet printers and copiers to create overhead transparencies, positives for silkscreen or adhesive backed labels for package design and architectural or engineering drawings. Choose from Epson, Chartpak, 3M, Grafix and HyGloss.

  • Frisket Films

    Frisket Films

    Frisket film is a low tack adhesive film used for masking areas on art projects. Generally used by airbrush artists, they have a special adhesive that removes cleanly without damaging the surface below. Friskets vary in their degree of adhesion and their ability to stretch over irregularly shaped surfaces. Old time artists would coat thin paper with a 50%/50% mixture of Bestine solvent & BestTest rubber cement. Choose from Medea, Frisk, Createx & Grafix.

  • Laminating & Shrink Films

    Laminating & Shrink Films

    Laminate your photos, momentos and documents for added durability. Choose from various sizes & thicknesses. Shrink film shrinks when heated by hot air gun.

  • Funky Decorative Films

    Funky Decorative Films

    Funky Films are popular for just about any art project. Jazz up any surface with these adhesive backed films. Available in many patterns and colors, they add pizazz to any surface! 6x8. Also available in Glow In The Dark.

  • Grafix Cling Vinyl Film

    Grafix Cling Vinyl Film

    Create vinyl cut outs that cling to any smooth surface without adhesive. Grafix Cling Vinyl Film is ideal for window decorations.

  • PVC-Styrene-Lexan-Polyester

    Midwest has always provided the finest basswoods and plywoods for making architectural models and these super sheets give model makers and artists even more choices! Choose from dozens of PVC, Lexan, Plexiglas, foam and Polyester sheets to create windows, walls and roofing for your next model. Metallic finishes are mirror like and foams sheets are bendable for curved structures.

  • Cut Vinyl Sheets

    Cut Vinyl Sheets

    These cut sheets of Oracal 651 are 2.5mil thick and pre-cut to a convenient 20x24 size. Hyatt's carries these to replace the discontinued Form-X films. Can be hand cut for small projects or signs. Choose from 6 colors, gold, silver and clear. These calendered films have an outdoor durability rating of 6 years. Thermal print compatible. All sheets feature a permanent adhesive. Check out Hyatt's sign division website for larger rolls of this film as well as other films from Oracal, 3M, Gerber and Convex.

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