Watercolor Blocks

Watercolor Blocks

These blocks of watercolor paper are excellent for all wet techniques including gouache, pen & ink, colored pencils as well as traditional watercolor. Available in Hot Press which is smooth as well as Cold Press and then Rough which are progressively more textured. Blocks differ from pads in that they are bound on all four sides to help eliminate the need for stretching. Great for traveling watercolorists! Choose from Strathmore, Arches & Fabriano.

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  • Strathmore Watercolor Blocks

    Strathmore Watercolor Blocks

    The Strathmore Watercolor block features paper that offers a strong, rough, economical surface designed to support repeated washings and scrubbings. Can be used with or without preliminary soaking. Can be stretched and is highly resistant to rub-up when wet.

  • Arches Watercolor Blocks and Pads

    Arches Watercolor Blocks and Pads

    Arches Watercolor Blocks and Pads are a professional grade watercolor paper of the highest quality. 100% cotton, cylinder mould made with natural gelatin sizing. Flawless texture surfaces, acid-free and buffered.

  • Canson Montval Watercolor Blocks

    Canson Montval Watercolor Blocks

    The French made Montval Watercolor Blocks feature natural white paper which provides an ideal foundation for all wet techniques.

  • Other Watercolor Blocks

    Other Watercolor Blocks

    Choose from some of the other watercolor blocks that Hyatt's carries such as the Lana Watercolor Block, Fabriano Accademia Draw/Watercolor Block or the Fabriano Acquarello Watercolor Block.

  • Fluid Watercolor EZ-Blocks

    Fluid Watercolor EZ-Blocks

    High-quality watercolor paper at an affordable cost, Fluid products are created in small batches for the best quality control. EZ-Blocks come in traditional formats. Each block is glued alond the two longest edges allowing you to paint directly on the top sheet. EZ-Blocks come in: Cold-press 140lb, Hot Press 140lb, Fluid 100 Cold Press 140lb, Fluid Cold Press 300lb, and Fluid 100 Hot Press 140lb.

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