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Hyatt's carries the finest oil & acrylic brushes by brands you know and trust such as Winsor & Newton, Robert Simmons, Princeton and DaVinci. Choose from Hog Bristle, Black Sable or Synthetics. Sizes from 1 to 40.

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  • DaVinci Maestro 2 Natural Bristle Brushes

    DaVinci Maestro 2 Natural Bristle Brushes

    The strongest white hog bristle comes from the Chinese city of Chungking. Bristles are then double-boiled so they are not too stiff and to give them extra spring and life. Skilled workers at the DaVinci brush factory in Germany shape these bristles by hand to construct the finest Hog Bristle Brushes made. Seamless, nickle-plated brass ferrules ensure durability and are mounted on beautiful two tone handles. Choose DaVinci brushes in flat, bright, filbert, round and spalter designs.

  • Princeton Refine Natural Bristle 5400 Series Brushes

    Princeton Refine Natural Bristle 5400 Series Brushes

    Also known as "Sequia", these are Princeton Brush's best quality natural bristle brushes. The hair has a unique, soft and rich feel and the hardwood handles have copper plated ferrules. This line includes special shapes and larger sizes that are available at incredible prices!

  • Princeton Aspen 6500 Series Brushes

    The Aspen Series 6500 by Princeton Brush features a glare-free matte ferrules, making this line perfect for outdoor painting. Designed to match Rosemary best-selling series Ivory and Silver Bristol the stiff white synthetic filaments of Aspen brushes are best for medium and heavy bodied acrylics & oils. Brushes retain shape which allows precise placement of color and consistency with each stroke. For indoor and outdoor use.

  • Princeton Natural Bristle 5200 Series Brushes

    Princeton Natural Bristle 5200 Series Brushes

    Princeton's 5200 Series Natural Bristle paint brushes offer our best value in a bristle brush for oils & acrylics. Perfect for students and beginners, these brushes are available in sizes 1 thru 16. Choose from flat, round, bright, filbert, angle bright and fan designs.

  • Princeton Catalyst Brushes, Blades and Wedges

    Princeton Catalyst Brushes, Blades and Wedges

    The Princeton Catalyst Collection offers new types of creative tools for the artist that are truly innovative. Catalyst Brushes are a new type of brush that has super stiff, but responsive bristles. Catalyst Blades and Wedges are made with flexible silicone that allows the artist to create unique textures and designs. The silicone is also FDA-approved so they may be used with food, such as in cake decorating. 

  • Princeton Imperial Synthetic Mongoose 6600 Series Brushes

    Princeton Imperial Synthetic Mongoose 6600 Series Brushes

    The Princeton Imperial 6600 Series for Oils and Acrylics features a unique synthetic fiber that mimics the characteristics and performance of natural mongoose hair. Stiffer than sable, but softer than hog bristle, synthetic mongoose makes this range of brushes perfect for blending and painting detailed, controlled lines. Contructed with a comfortable touch handle the Imperial line performs beautifully in all viscosities of oil paint and is also compatible with acrylics. Available in Angle Bright, Bright, Flat, Filbert, Short Filbert, Fan, Long Round and Round shapes.

  • Fresco Long Handle Red Sable Brushes

    The Fresco brushes are made by Raphael from 100% pure red sable hair. They are ideal for oil painting and excellent for precision work.

  • D Artigny White Hog Bristle Brushes

    The D'Artigny brushes by Raphael are exceptionally strong and durable for use with both oil and acrylic paints.

  • Kevrin+ Synthetic and Natural Hair Brushes

    The Kevrin+ Series by Raphael contain a unique blend of natural hair and synthetic fibers to offer an ideal substitute to Mongoose brushes. Perfect for using with oil colors or acrylics.

  • W&N Winton Natural Bristle Brushes

    W&N Winton Natural Bristle Brushes

    Winsor & Newton Winton Hog Paint Brushes combine excellent quality with economical prices resulting in a brush that sets the standard of quality in their price range. For use with oils or acrylics and available in 34 shapes and sizes from 1 to 16.

  • The Art Sherpa

    The Art Sherpa

    The Art Sherpa, aka Cinnamon Cooney, is a YouTube sensation with over 170,000 subscribers following her beginner’s acrylic painting tutorials. Cinnamon now has her very own brushes made by Silver Brush Limited!  The Art Sherpa brushes feature 11 sets and 18 open-stock brushes to help you achieve all of the techniques and styles that Cinnamon teaches.

  • Silver Brush Grand Prix Brushes

    Silver Brush Grand Prix Brushes

    Grand Prix brushes are of outstanding quality. Perfectly balanced and shaped, they feature interlocked 100% Chungking white hog bristles for maximum color carrying and corrosion-resistant double crimped pure copper ferrules with an epoxy seal for added protection.

  • Silver Brush Bristlon Synthetic Brushes

    Silver Brush Bristlon Synthetic Brushes

    Bristlon is a superior stiff white synthetic brush that has been specially processed so it can be used with harsh solvents without compromising the texture or the fibers. These brushes offer excellent color control and strong resiliency on rough surfaces as a result of their interlocked construction and finely chiseled tips. It doesn't matter if you are working with oils, acrylics, or watercolors, they will maintain their form and provide a smooth application of color.

  • Royal & Langnickel Value Brush Sets

    Royal & Langnickel Value Brush Sets

    A wide variety of styles, sizes, and hair types are packaged together into Value Sets. Each combines brushes that work well together for different projects and media. All include storage of either a Zip N’ Close pouch, or stainless steel caddy.

  • Princeton Synthetic Bristle 6100 Series Brushes

    Princeton Synthetic Bristle 6100 Series Brushes

    The Princeton 6100 Series paint brush is constructed of synthetic white nylon bristles which are very durable and easy to clean. Preferred by acrylic artists that like a softer brush, these are great brushes for detail work and portraiture. Sized from 2 to 20 in standard shapes.

  • Princeton Synthetic Bristle 6250 Series Brushes

    Princeton Synthetic Bristle 6250 Series Brushes

    Stiffer synthetic bristles make this Princeton 6250 series paint brush a great choice for acrylic painters. 30 different sizes are available in round, bright, filbert, flat, dagger striper, liner, angle bright, fan and flat wash styles.

  • Princeton Synthetic Bristle 6300 Series Brushes

    Princeton Synthetic Bristle 6300 Series Brushes

    The Princeton 6300 Series paint brushes feature a unique synthetic bristle that mimics the stiffness of a hog bristle brush but cleans out more easily. Made for heavy body acrylics and water mixable oils. Choose from 30 sizes and shapes.

  • Princeton Redline Brushes

    Developed and handcrafted by Germany's most experienced brush makers, each brush provides control and consistency when painting large surfaces. Multiple synthetic filaments and hair lengths hold more paint, making large jobs faster and more efficient. Redline Brush handles are multi-coated with lacquer and are made from European beech wood for enhanced durability. Four different brush shapes expand the creative versatility of these brushes.

  • DaVinci Top Acrylic Brushes

    DaVinci Top Acrylic Brushes

    Finally, a synthetic bristle paint brush that is as stiff as the finest hog bristle! Made by hand in Germany, DaVinci Top Acrylic brushes use five different diameters of synthetic bristles for maximum stiffness and control. Flagged tips are heat treated to hold the maximum amount of paint. Rugged construction for years of use with proper care. Long handles feature a beautiful clear finish.

  • Princeton Natural Red Sable 7400 Series Brushes

    Princeton Natural Red Sable 7400 Series Brushes

    The Series 7400 Natural Red Sable brushes by Princeton are high quality at a reasonable cost. The silky smooth sable with a firm snap allows for great control with minimal brush strokes needed. Ideal for portrait painters and painters of realism, these brushes are perfect with thin mixes and glazing techniques.

  • DaVinci Black Sable Brushes

    DaVinci Black Sable Brushes

    Made from Russian Black Sable, also known as fitch hair, these DaVinci Black Sable paint brushes are stiffer and more rugged than red sable brushes and are offered at a much lower cost. Pefect for oil painters who prefer smooth painting with a minimum of brush marks such as those who do portraiture or realism. Handmade in Germany with distinctive burgundy handles. All shapes available up to size 30.

  • Princeton Synthetic Sable 4000 Series Brushes

    Princeton Synthetic Sable 4000 Series Brushes

    The Princeton 4000 Synthetic Sable blend paint brushes perform like sable but at a much lower cost. Best quality, point and spring with maximum color capacity. Long red wood handles for balance and control. Available in 24 sizes and shapes from size 2x0 to 16.

  • Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

    Robert Simmons White Sable Brushes

    The original synthetic artist's paint brush, The Robert Simmons White Sable brush was developed in the 1970's to offer a synthetic watercolor brush that could compete with the increasingly expensive Kolinsky Red Sable brushes. Made from different thicknesses of synthetic filaments, it can hold large amounts of color and has excellent snap and spring. Seamless nickel plated brass ferrules are attached to handles of beechwood from the forests of Maine. 15 shapes and sizes to choose from.

  • Monarch Synthetic Mongoose Brushes

    Monarch Synthetic Mongoose Brushes

    Winsor & Newton Monarch Synthetic Mongoose paint brushes are more durable than any natural hair but retain the look and feel of real mongoose. Solvent resistant, they are great for oil painting. Made with gold ferrules, dark brown handles and variegated fibers that even look like real hair. Recommended by many teachers because of their durabilty and easy cleaning. Available in bright, flat, round, fan, glazing, filbert and short filbert shapes.

  • Kaerell Synthetic Oil & Acrylic Brushes

    The Kaerell Synthetic brushes by Raphael are a versatile line of brushes that replicate the performance of sable. Ideal for oils, acrylics, or watercolors.

  • Precision Synthetic Sable Long Handled Brushes

    The Precision Synthetic Sable Series by Raphael are designed to create the most accurate brush strokes of any synthetic brush on the market. Ideal for use with either oils or acrylics.

  • Textura Synthetic Heavy Duty Brushes

    The Textura Heavy Duty Series 860 by Raphael are made to hold up to thick paints and mediums especially well. The fibers used are extra strong, and rigid to make using thicker mediums and certain techniques easier.

  • Dynasty Urban FX Brushes

    Dynasty Urban FX Brushes

    The Urban FX Brush can handle almost anything! Use with latex, enamel, oil or acrylic paint. The bristle brushes are densely packed and work best for painting on concrete and brick. The Synthetics work best on smooth surfaces - metal, tile and dry wall. This line includes unique brush shapes and neon colored handles that are coated in soft touch, no-slip lacquer. Made in the US for artists everywhere!

  • Dynasty Kolinsky Red Sable Brushes

    Dynasty Kolinsky Red Sable Brushes

    Dynasty Brushes are made by the FM Brush Company and represent the highest quality and performance while being superior in value. Kolinsky Red Sable Brushes are often described as the world’s best brush and are used by professional painters for watercolor and oil. These long-handle Dynasty brushes have a rounded head, seamless nickel ferrule and black albas dipped handles.

  • Dynasty Black Gold Synthetic Sable 1526 Series Brushes

    Dynasty Black Gold Synthetic Sable 1526 Series Brushes

    Dynasty Black Gold 1526 series paint brushes can be immediately identified by their black ferrules and varnished two-tone handles. Handles are kiln-dried for durability and feature seamless metal ferrules to provide safe, long lasting beauty. Available in rounds, flats, brights and filberts for oil or acrylic.

  • Dynasty Palmer Brushes

    Dynasty Palmer Brushes

    The Palmer Brushes by Dynasty have a large paddle handle that provides ideal comfort and control. These specialized brushes are perfect for base coats, textures, faux finishing, and using with chalk paint. 

  • Gesso/Acrylic Brushes

    Gesso/Acrylic Brushes

    These large Princeton paint brushes are perfect for laying down color in large areas or for priming canvas with layers of gesso. Made from natural hair they are beautifully constructed and very long lasting. 3 sizes.

  • Liquitex Freestyle Brushes

    Liquitex Freestyle Brushes

    Liquitex Free Style brushes are ideal for large paintings, and mural because of their size and design. Blended synthetic bristles and rustproof stainless steel ferrules.

  • Oils & Acrylic Brush Sets

    Oils & Acrylic Brush Sets

    These paint brush sets by Princeton and Black Gold offer great brushes grouped in sets for use in acrylics, watercolors, inks and oils. Inexpensively priced they are perfect for students, beginners and professionals alike as they offer exceptional value in either synthetic or natural bristle.

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