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Drafting and drawing is easy with the right tools! Draft house plans, design signs and posters, plan layouts and design your garden with these tools by Alvin & C-Thru.

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  • Compasses and Dividers

    Compasses and Dividers

    Draw perfect circles in pencil or ink or rule perfect lines for french mats. Precision crafted in Germany, Alvin & Rotring compasses and dividers are made to last a lifetime.

  • Student Triangles

    Student Triangles

    Standard scholastic triangles from C-Thru are molded into either 30/60/90 triangles or 45/45/90 types. Clear plastic allows easy positioning.

  • Clear Pro Triangles

    Clear Pro Triangles

    Professional series clear acrylic triangles will not discolor or warp with age and handling. The machined finish and hand-polished edges of the C Series meet or exceed government specifications. All sizes feature a double-taper cutout center for quick, easy lifting from any angle.

  • Tinted Pro Triangles

    Tinted Pro Triangles

    Professional series fluorescent acrylic triangles will not discolor or warp with age and handling. The machined finish and hand-polished edges of the F Series meet or exceed government specifications. The F Series is extremely popular because the refracted light has an illuminating effect on the drawing by accentuating the triangle's edge. Smoke tinted triangles feature double inking edges for drawing with pens, markers or pencils.

  • Adjustable Triangles

    Adjustable Triangles

    Standard series adjustable triangles from C-Thru feature straight cut edges and brass knob. Professional series from Alvin feature rise and slope graduations. Inking edges on all three sides. Hot-stamped graduations. Thumbscrew locks triangle securely at desired angle. Made from .12" thick, optically clear acrylic. All adjust from 0 to 90 degrees.

  • Metal Triangles

    Metal Triangles

    C-Thru triangles feature metal edge embedded into acrylic edge of triangle on one edge. Fairgate aluminum triangles are made from solid aluminum and feature circle cut outs for cutting perfect circles in paper and films.

  • French and Flexible Curves

    French and Flexible Curves

    French curves contain multiple arcs to draw smooth curves on drawings, plans and artwork. Ship curves are longer versions with more gradual curves. Flexible curves contain a lead spline that can be molded into almost any curve.

  • Protractors

    Protractors are used to measure angles on drawings, plans and plots. Choose from 180 degree half circle or 360 degree full circle.

  • Circle and Square Templates

    Circle and Square Templates

    These templates by Pickett and Rapidesign make drafting and drawing easier!

  • Ellipse Templates

    Ellipse Templates

    Ellipse templates are available in many degrees and sizes. Choose from Berol Rapidesign or Pickett. Lietz templates from Alvin are available as special order from Alvin.

  • Lettering Templates

    Lettering templates from Berol RapiDesign allow easy pen or ink lettering on drawings, house plans or craft projects. Ames lettering guide allows easy creation of lettering and calligraphy guide lines. Envelope templates allow you to create your own envelopes from virtually any film or paper.

  • Planning & Other Templates

    Planning & Other Templates

    Special templates abound! Choose from human form, house plan, office plan and others in your choice of 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch scales.

  • Alvin Pantographs

    Pantographs allow you to create enlarged or reduced drawings up to 10x scale. Arms are made of seasoned hardwood, with chromed steel hardware and components.

  • Proportional Scales

    Proportional Scales

    Use proportional scales by C-Thru & Scaleograph to determine ratios of enlargement or reduction.

  • Plastic Rulers

    Plastic Rulers

    Plastic rulers from C-Thru and Schaedler allow easy measurement due to clear markings on clear or frosted plastic or mylar. Choose from inch, metric or printer's measurements.

  • Aluminum Rulers

    Aluminum Rulers

    Aluminum rulers from Alvin, Duroedge and Fairgate allow easy measurement and precise cutting. Choose from straight or curved or center finder models. Duroedge are aluminum with a stainless steel edge and have a curved finger guard and slip-resistant backing. Safe-T-Cut models make long cuts safer by isolating your other hand behind aluminum rib that runs full length of ruler!

  • Stainless Steel Rulers

    Stainless Steel Rulers

    Stainless steel Hyatt's rulers feature engraved markings that won't wear off and cork backing for non-slip cutting.

  • Wood Rulers

    Nothing more traditional than a wooden yardstick or ruler! Ruler features metal edge.

  • Measuring Tapes

    Measuring Tapes

    Retractable steel measuring tapes allow easy measuring up to 50 feet! Choose from Lufkin and Stanley models.

  • Architects Scales

    Architects Scales

    Architect's scales feature standard architects scales of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 1-1/2 and 3 inches to the foot as well as other standard scales.

  • Engineers Scales

    Engineer's scales feature standard scales of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 parts to the foot for reading engineering drawings.

  • T-Squares


    T-squares are constructed to slide easily up and down your drawing surface to maintain a consistent 90 degree line. When used with the proper triangles, many angles may be obtained. Perfect for drafting, drawing and perspectives.

  • Art Deckle Paper Tools

    Art deckle paper crafting tools from Logan allow you to create beautiful deckle edges and effects on watercolor and decorative papers.

  • Parallel Rules

    Parallel Rules

    Parallel bars, also known as parallel straightedges, are used instead of t-squares to keep a parallel line on drawings and plans.

  • Parallel Rule Board Kits

    Parallel Rule Board Kits

    Alvin PXB boards feature a sliding parallel bar attached to a melamine board with wires that run underneath board for uncluttered drawing. Flip out feet allow easy angle adjustment. Handle for easy transport.

  • Drawing Boards

    Drawing Boards

    Drawing boards from Alvin feature metal edges or tilt angle with melamine construction. Watercolor boards with rigid foam center are perfect for stretching watercolor paper with tape or staples. Sketching field boards feature mounted clips for indoor or outdoor sketching sessions.

  • Drafting Kits

    Drafting Kits

    These Pre-Packaged drafting kits are a convenient way for students to save time, money, and work with consistent equipment.  All items are standard stock, making replacement of lost or broken pieces easy.

  • Graphic Arts and Lettering Tools


    These items are used by graphic designers who work both with traditional mediums and digitally. Includes Proportional Scales and lettering Guides.

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