Screen and Block Printing

Speedball screen printing inks take the nasty chemicals and fumes out of silkscreening with their broad line of water-based acrylic inks. Gold leaf, Copper leaf and Silver leaf allow artists to repair frames, gild sculptures or add a dash of metallic to any art or sign. Linoleum blocks allow easy printing of fine art or craft images by carving away white space.

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  • Screen Printing

    Screen Printing

    Speedball has taken all the nasty chemicals out of the screen printing process while making high quality water based acrylic inks that last & last! Use either the stencil method, the drawing method or the diazo photo emulsion method and make your own t-shirts, art work or signs over and over from the same screen! Replaces volatile and toxic chemicals such as those from Naz-Dar with non-toxic inks with water clean up!

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  • Stamps

    These non-toxic stamp pads can be used with stamps you have or our letter kit or make your own with Speedball Speedycut!

  • Block Printing

    Block Printing

    Block printing is an ancient form of art that allows the artist to print multiple copies of prints from either wooden or linoleum blocks. New softer, eraser-based materials such as Speedball Speedycut are safer to use since they cut easily with little chance of skipping. Cut your design, spread ink with a brayer and print!

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  • Brayers


    Brayers allow users to spread printing inks or burnish paper onto blocks or plates. Available in soft rubber, hard rubber, lucite or wood. Can also be used when gluing artwork in scrapbooking, laminating, mounting and for general art use. Choose from Kemper & Speedball brands.

  • Printmaking


  • Gold Leafing

    Gold Leafing

    Gold Leaf is an all-encompassing term supplies used for applying very thin sheets of metal to any surface. Choose from real gold in 22K and 14K as well as silver, copper, aluminum and imitation gold in two finishes. Gilder's tip brush allows loose gold leaf to be picked up with static and applied precisely. Simply varnish surface to be gold leafed with gold size, let dry until tacky and apply leaf. Burnish to desired effect and let dry. Seal with UV protectant or varnish. Patent leaf comes adhered to a backing sheet for easy application.

  • Metallic Finishes

    Metallic Finishes

    Metallic finish paints and touch up products by Amaco such as Brush N' Leaf and Rubb N' Buff allow artists to replicate gold finishes on picture frames or to repair old frames. Rubb N' Buff is a wax based product for filling holes and gouges while Brush N' Leaf is a metallic paint that mimics gold leaf. These products can also be used for making decorations and signage. Not recommended for outdoor use.

  • Glitter

    Who hasn't used glitter in a school project as a kid? Hyatt's carries many colors of glitter as well as glitter pens and the glues to adhere them. Decorate paper, cards, gifts, holiday decorations and more! Hyatt's also carries glitter pens by Crayola, glitter sprinkles by Arnold Grummer and glitter paint by Color & Co.

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