Kids Painting Supplies

Kids Painting Supplies

Everything kids need to get started with painting! These supplies are especially made for kids and are often washable and non-toxic.

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  • Kids Washable Tempera Paint

    Kids Washable Tempera Paint

    These paints are perfect for using with kids as they provide great opaque colors for projects, but clean up with just a little soap and water. Colors can also be mixed with other tempera paint or thinned with water.

  • Kids Watercolor Paint

    Kids Watercolor Paint

  • Kids Fingerpaint

    Kids Fingerpaint

  • Kids Paint Sticks

    Kids Paint Sticks

  • Kids Brushes

    Kids Brushes

    Find brushes tailored for smaller hands to make painting easier and more enjoyable. Brushes can be used in a variety of media including acrylic, tempera, and watercolor paints.

  • Kids Smocks and Aprons

    Kids Smocks and Aprons

    Protect your child's clothing with a washable smock. The smocks are available in different sizes and colors.

  • Kids Easels

    Kids Easels

    These smaller easels are especially made for children so they can easily reach everything they need. Refillable paper rolls are also available to attach to the easels.

  • Paint By Number Sets

    Paint By Number Sets

    Many people believe that Paint By Number painting kits are for people who can't paint. Wrong! They really are perfect for kids and adults who want to learn to paint as they show new artists the way that trained artists put colors on canvas to create the effect of a color to the human eye. Plus they're great therapy for people trying to improve their painting technique or manual dexterity. 

  • Painting Sets for Kids

    Painting Sets for Kids

  • Painting Books for Kids

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