Hyatt's carries a full range of knives from X-Acto and Excel, artists' tapes from 3M and Art Alternatives and all the replacement blades and accessories such as cutting mats, dispensers, glues, adhesives and sprays.

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  • Masking/Drafting Tapes

    Masking/Drafting Tapes

    Masking tapes are great for masking off art areas, creating airbrush stencils and holding papers securely. These drafting tapes and drafting dots adhere firmly yet remove cleanly without damaging the surface.

  • Artist/Colored Tapes

    Artist tape holds firmly yet removes cleanly. Neutral pH. Blue Painters' Tape holds cleanly and prevents seepage while painting. 3M Cloth tapes are great for book bindings and hinging foam boards.

  • Clear Tapes

    Clear Tapes

    3M Magic transparent tape disappears on most surfaces and can be marked on with pencil or ballpoint pen. Cellophane tapes, introduced in 1910, are perfectly clear with a glossy surface.

  • Double Coated Adhesive Tapes

    Double Coated Adhesive Tapes

    These double-sided or double-stick tapes have adhesive on both sides for easy mounting of artwork, papers & photos. Great for scrapbooking and framing too.

  • Adhesive Transfer Tapes

    If you don't want to deal with messy liquid and spray adhesives, then Adhesive Transfers may be your solution. There's no tape, just pure solid adhesive applied by a variety of dispensers. A variety of permanent and repositionable adhesives are available for your needs.

  • Packaging Tapes/Supplies

    Packaging Tapes/Supplies

    These strong and tear resistant tapes are used for sealing boxes for shipping and mailing. 3M #897 is fiberglass reinforced for ultimate strength on heavy boxes. Gummed paper tape is made for wet tape dispensers or for stretching watercolor paper.

  • Photo/Litho Tapes

    Photo/Litho Tapes

    Black photo tape is black colored masking tape. Metallic tapes are used for decoration and to block out edges on slides. Lithographers tape, also known as Litho Tape, is a dark photo red color for blocking out areas on negatives and positives in photo process.

  • Specialty Products/Dispensers

    Specialty Products/Dispensers

    Magnetic tape makes any light sign magnetic for easy car and van signage. C-22 tape dispenser by 3M holds large core tapes securely. Seal Unseal removes most adhesive residue cleanly.

  • Rubber Cement & Thinner

    Rubber Cement & Thinner

    Rubber Cement adhesive can be used on on various papers and photographs - with many craft applications. Excess cement can be rubbed away, making for easy clean-up. A staple for home, school and studio.

  • Liquid Adhesives/Glue Sticks

    Liquid Adhesives/Glue Sticks

    Elmer's white glue is made from pure acrylic binder for permanent binding of paper and wood. Aleene's Tacky Glue sets up quickly for wood model building and scrapbooking. Non-toxic glue sticks go on as a light blue color and then dry clear. Nori glue is archival and neutral pH.

  • Spray Adhesives

    Spray Adhesives

    3M Spraymount is the most popular spray adhesive on the market. Dries clear and is repositionable at first for easy placement. Spray 77 is an industrial adhesive that dries to a yellow white film which bonds virtually anything to anything. Photomount is the perfect adhesive for photos. Spra-ment is a hobby adhesive similar to rubber cement. Krylon spray adhesives are also available for art use or even for making your own stencils! Check out our spray booths and dusk masks for protection while spraying.

  • Double Coated Adhesive Shts

    Sheets allow cold mounting of artwork, prints or photos. Letraset Studio Tac transfers dots of adhesive to the back of artwork with no trimming. Double Tack by Ohio Graphics (Graphix) is an archival sheet of double stick material covered on each side with a removable liner.

  • PMA Adhesives

    PMA Adhesives

    PMA, or Positional Mounting Adhesive, by 3M is the perfect double sided archival adhesive for posters, artwork or photos. Based on 3M cellular adhesive technology, beads of adhesive break open and become permanent when pressure is applied. Can be hand burnished or mounted in any cold mount press.

  • Xyron Pro

    Xyron Pro

    Xyron makes versatile machines able to apply adhesive or laminate a wide variety of surfaces. This easy to use system instantly applies adhesive, laminates or does both at the same time without heat or electricity. No mess, no smell, no waiting.

  • Post-It Notes

    3M Post-It Notes use a light tack cellular adhesive to stick yet remove cleanly. Choose from two sizes in either yellow or black. Post-It index cards are ruled on a stiffer card stock in either white or yellow.

  • Waxers/Dry Mounting

    Waxers/Dry Mounting

    Dry mounting is the preferred choice for permanently mounting any art print, poster, photo or original. Must be used in a dry mount heat press such as the Seal presses listed below. Electro-Stik waxers apply a thin layer of hot, sticky wax to the back side of temporary art such as paste-up for flyers, newspapers or posters.

  • Art Knives/Blades

    Art Knives/Blades

    The standard #1 art knife, Hyatt's #R5000, holds all the blades below. Perfect for all art projects, model building, stencilling, scrapbooking and any other project that requires a very sharp blade. For a more comfortable grip try the X-Acto Gripster and X2000 handles. Snap off blade knives from Alvin, C-Thru and Olfa give you a new sharp blade edge in an instant! Utilty knives with heavy blades are perfect for cutting thick boards.

  • Utility Knives/Blades

    Utility Knives/Blades

    Utility knives are perfect for cutting heavy paper, mat board and foam core. Choose from replaceable blade models from Excel and X-Acto or snap-off blade models from C-Thru & Olfa.

  • Specialty Knives/Blades

    Specialty Knives/Blades

    Swivel knives make cutting curved lines easier as the cutting head rotates as you follow the curve. Circle cutters allow perfect circles to be cut out of thin papers, plastics, films and boards. Pounce wheel perforates patterns for easy marking. Hot knife cuts thin stencils and plastics.

  • Scissors


    Scissors by Fiskars are comfortable for those long art projects. Paperedger scissors by Fiskars let you create your own special designs as you cut.

  • Paper Cutters & Trimmers

    Paper Cutters & Trimmers

    Paper cutters & trimmers by Dahle, Rotatrim and Ingento make repeated cuts of light papers and boards easy.

  • Self-Healing Cutting Mats

    Self-Healing Cutting Mats

    Self healing cutting mats by Alvin are constructed of multi layers of soft and hard rubberized vinyl to resist deep cuts and seal up after light cutting. Soft surface helps keep blades sharp too.

  • Magnifiers


    These magnifiers vary in strength for any art project that requires close viewing. Reducing glass allows painters to step back from their work with out moving. Check out our lighted magnifiers and lamps under the heading of Furniture & Equipment.

  • Studio and Office Supplies

    Studio and Office Supplies

    The basic office and studio supplies are offered here for easy one-stop shopping. Art related items such as cotton gloves, tweezers and T-Pins make your studio or gallery run smoothly.

  • Storage Tubes

    Storage Tubes

    Storage tubes protect rolled drawings for storage or while traveling.

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