Speciality Panels and Boards

Speciality Panels and Boards

Claybord, Gessobord and Claybord Textured panels by Ampersand give artists an alternative to stretched canvas for artists preferring a rigid panel for drawings and paintings. Claybord Black is the ultimate scratchboard allowing infinite detail as well as the ability to correct mistakes with Higgins India ink. These panels are very durable and allow multiple erasures without affecting the drawing or painting surface. Cradled boards add a 3/4" or 2" frame of birch plywood for depth and extra rigidity.

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  • Claybord and Accessories

    Claybord and Accessories

    Claybord combines the durability of a hardbord panel with a smooth neutral pH surface. Hardbord is a museum quality panel that is archival, lightfast and acid-free. Hyatt's carries a variety of sizes in claybord and hardbord as well as various tools.

  • Scratchbord


    With Scratchbord you can create white on black drawings or add color to bring new life to your art. An even layer of India Ink is applied to Original Claybord with no wrinkling.

  • Gessobord


    Hardwood boards pre-primed with gesso that are perfect for oils, acrylics, and mixed media. Will not buckle or wrap. Multiple sizes, depths, and colors available.

  • Aquabord


    Aquabord is a textured, hardbord panel that is coated with a soft absorbant kaolin clay. This is ideal for watercolor.

  • Hardbord


    Hardboard is an alternative to traditional canvas panels. Perfect for many different uses including traditional painting and drawing, or heavy media applications. Available in different sizes and thicknesses, it provides great strength and is a multi-purposes art surface.

  • Ampersand Artist Panels

    Ampersand Artist Panels

    Ampersand's Artist Panels have an acrylic gessoed surface on MDF panels for oil and acrylic painting. Ready to hang or frame. Available in multiple sizes and depths.

  • Unprimed Artist Panels

    Unprimed Artist Panels

    Basswood tops supported with pinewood cradles and free of knots and seams. Accepts all types of painting grounds for creating a custom surface. Available in multiple sizes and depths.

  • Natural Wood Panels

    Natural Wood Panels

    Ampersand Natural Basswood or Birchwood panels for superior stability. Smooth uniform finish free of knots, seams, and raised fibers. Available in multiple sizes and depths. 

  • Pastelbord


    Clay and gesso coated Hardbord with a granular marble dust finish. More durable than pastel papers, Pastelbords can be used with wet or dry media. Available in multiple colors and sizes.

  • Encausticbord


    Ready to use surfave specifically formulated for encaustic painting and mixed media. Encaustic gesso over a sealed Hardbord to create a bright, smooth velvety surface that is heat resistant, highly absorbent, and holds layers of wax or collage without craking. Available in multiple sizes and depths.

  • Pastel Premier Panels

    Pastel Premier Panels

    Pastel Premier Papers are ideal surfaces for a wide range of media. Being mounted onto a panel makes them great for plein air, and easier to frame. Conservation panels are 4-ply white panels that are acid-free, buffered and have a neutral pH. Eco panels are 1/8" thick - making them sturdy though still lightweight, and made of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. All items are made in the USA.

  • Guerrilla Painter Gessoed Panel

    Guerrilla Painter Gessoed Panel

    This tempered, high density panel is coated with gesso. Acid and formaldehyde free, it is 1/8 inch thick and has a beveled edge. The matte surface is ideal for both oil and acrylic paints. Panels are sold individually and made int he USA.

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