Soft Pastels

Soft Pastels

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  • Rembrandt Soft Pastels

    Rembrandt Soft Pastels

    Rembrandt Artists' Soft Pastels are the worlds most popular pastel! Available in 203 colors of unsurpassed glow, purity and intensity. Made from purest pigments in an extra-fine Kaolin clay binder. Made in Holland and available in sets or open stock.

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  • Sennelier Soft Pastels

    Sennelier Soft Pastels

    Sennelier Pastels have been hand-made in France since 1900. These extra-fine soft pastels are water soluble and available in 525 colors - the largest range available. Lightfast to hold color for centuries. Open stock and sets up to 525 colors.

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  • Pan Pastels

    Pan Pastels

    Highly pigmented, ultra soft, lightfast, low dust and erasable, Pan Pastels mix, layer and apply like paint. They come packed in pans so artists can easily lift, blend and apply pastel color. The unique packaging protects the colors, keeping them serparate and clean, and interlocks securely together for storage and transport.

  • Prismacolor Nupastels

    Prismacolor Nupastels

    Prismacolor Nupastels are harder pastels which are virtually dustless and resist crumbling and breakage. Smooth laydown and great blendability. Choose from 96 colors of open stock or sets.

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  • Soft Pastel Sets

    Soft Pastel Sets

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