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  • Basswood,  Plywood, Dowels

    Basswood, Plywood, Dowels

    Basswood is a hardwood grown in North America that is prized for its tight grain and lack of knots and splits. It is used for everything from architectural modeling to craft and toy manufacturing. Hyatt's also carries craft sticks and Fir dowels in various sizes.

  • PVC-Styrene-Lexan-Polyester

    Midwest has always provided the finest basswoods and plywoods for making architectural models and these super sheets give model makers and artists even more choices! Choose from dozens of PVC, Lexan, Plexiglas, foam and Polyester sheets to create windows, walls and roofing for your next model. Metallic finishes are mirror like and foams sheets are bendable for curved structures.

  • Music Wire

    Music Wire

    Music wire springs back to straight unless intentionally bent. Strong, yet cuts with standard cutters. Available in 16 sizes. 36" lengths.

  • Aluminum Tubing and Brass Rods

    Aluminum Tubing and Brass Rods

    Aluminum tubing and brass rods for all your architectural needs.

  • Soldering


    Use soldering irons to join metal items together with a filler metal that has a low-melting point.

  • Wee Scapes Model Materials

    Wee Scapes Model Materials

    Add detail to your Architectural model, Hobby scene, or Diorama with Wee Scapes high quality landscape elements. Add scale and dimension with various grasses, trees, and human figures. 

  • Metal & Foils

    Metal & Foils

    Sheet metals and foils of a variety of materials in a range of thickness. Use for modeling, engineering, art or craft projects.

  • Woodcarving and Cutting Tools

    Woodcarving and Cutting Tools

    Woodcarving creates beautiful scuptures from solid blocks of wood by carving away excess wood to reveal the sculpture within! Choose from sets, blades, kits and accessories from X-Acto, Sculpture House, Midwest and 3M.

  • Mr Tree Trees

    Mr Tree Trees

    Mr Tree Trees are laser cut heavy white paper. Once assembled and painted, they will add that element of realism to your architectural models.

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