Oil Paints

Oil paints have been used for centuries to paint masterpieces and student work alike. Student or economy paints such as Winsor & Newton Winton, Van Gogh, Grumbacher Academy and Daler Rowney Georgian offer exceptional value while the Williamsburg, Gamblin, Holbein, Grumbacher Pre-Tested and Winsor & Newton Artist Oils use the finest ingredients for exceptional quality. Available individually or in sets.

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  • Williamsburg Oils

    Williamsburg Oils

    Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors are known for being richly pigmented, dense and having excellent lightfastness with the excepion of Alizarin Crimson and Van Dyke Brown. The oil colors are made in small batches with each color treated individually and each pigment ground to the nature of the specific color. Combining tradition and recognition for modern organic pigments, Williamsburg's oil paints have acquired a following and an international prescence. Available in 37ml tubes.

  • Gamblin Artist Oils

    Gamblin Artist Oils

    Gamblin Oil Colors are made in small batches in Portland, Oregon, USA. The finest alkyd resins are mixed with pure pigments and Gamsol odorless mineral spirits for the lowest toxicity and a minimum of yellowing. Hyatt’s carries all 90 colors of Gamblin paints as well as Gamblin mediums.

  • Holbein Artist Oils

    Holbein Artist Oils

    Holbein Artist Oil Color is a world-class professional oil color formulated to perform to the highest standards of oil painting. Pure pigments are mixed with cold pressed linseed oil to make 167 beautiful colors of Holbein oil paint including 7 whites and 10 transparent glazing colors. Also available are 4 shades of fast drying Foundation colors which truly make the Holbein paint line one of the most complete available! Made in Japan since the turn of the century, they are traditionally mixed to a constant viscosity from color to color for uniform mixing.

  • Winsor & Newton Artist Oils

    Winsor & Newton Artist Oils

    Available in over 100 colors, W&N Artist Oil Colours have been considered to be the finest oil paints for over 150 years. Winsor & Newton oil paints are unmatched in purity, consistency and reliability. Hyatt's carries the full line of W&N paint, oil painting mediums, linseed oils and varnishes which allow you to control the painting process from start to finish. Made in England to the same strict standards since 1832.

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  • Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oils

    Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oils

    Grumbacher Pre-Tested oils have the creamy texture that artists have depended on since 1905. Grumbacher oil paints feature a special Barium pigment to make all colors mix easily yet retain their brilliance. 45 colors.

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  • Rembrandt Oils

    Rembrandt Oils

    Rembrandt Oils Colors contain only the finest and most lightfast pigments and the purest quality linseed or safflower oil. Each color contains the highest concentration of pigment, finely ground on a triple-roll mill to provide high intensity and brilliance. Colors maintain their integrity, even when mixed with white.

  • Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Paint

    Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Paint

    Rive Gauche Fine Oil Paint by Sennelier features high pigment content that provides excellent opacity and facilitates color mixing for an intense finish. Each tube is made with safflower oil which significantly limits the amount of yellowing, while the use of cadmium substitutes provide better opacity and luminosity that other artist foundation paints. Uniform and thick, Rive Gauche Oils dry twice as fast as classic oils and have a satin finish. Available in 40ml and 200ml tubes. 

  • Winton Oil Paints

    Winton Oil Paints

    By carefully replacing traditional yet more expensive pigments with modern lightfast alternatives, Winsor & Newton Winton Oil paints offer exceptional value and high permanence. 49 colors available in 37ml or 200ml tubes as well as three different whites.

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  • Van Gogh Oil Paints

    Van Gogh Oil Paints

    Van Gogh Oil Colors are a great value for students looking for an oil paint made with high quality raw materials. Colors have equal drying times with a uniform degree of gloss, making them easy to work with and perfect for mixing. Lightfastness varies from good to very good so paintings retain their vibrancy over time. Available in 200ml tubes.

  • Old Holland Oil Paints

    Old Holland Oil Paints

    Since the early days of oils, artists have made high demands regarding the durability of their work. In order to meet these demands for optimum durability, Old Holland still produces all its classic oil paints according to traditional formulas (the durability of which has been demonstrated over the course of time), supplemented by the latest contemporary insights. The choice of pigments is a unique mix of the best traditional colours and the best pigments derived from the latest technological developments. Available in 40Ml and 225Ml tubes.

  • Cobra Watermixable Oils

    Cobra Watermixable Oils

    Cobra watermixable oils require no solvents and are easily mixable and thinkable with just water. Perfect for school settings. Offered in both student grade and professional grade.

  • Artisan Watersoluble Oils

    Artisan Watersoluble Oils

    Winsor & Newton Artisan oil colors eliminate the need for toxic turpentine and mineral spirits by formulating their oil paints to clean up with soap and water. Great for smaller studios, schools or for use in areas without adequate ventilation. Also great for oil painters who have chemical sensitivities. Must be used with Artisan water mixable mediums and linseed oils to retain water clean up properties. 40 colors are available in 37 ml tubes. Similar to Grumbacher Max & Grumbacher Max2 water soluble oils.

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  • Griffin Alkyds

    Griffin Alkyds

    Griffin Fast Drying Oil Color offers the excellent advantage of faster drying times compared to traditional oil colors. This means that the traditional oil techniques of both impasto and glazing can be done in considerably less time and a painting can be completed in a single session.

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  • Oil Painting Sets

    Hyatt's offers a wide range of oil painting sets for beginners, professionals and anyone in between! Choose from smaller starter sets all the way up to professional sets in handsome wooden boxes. Brands such as Williamsburg, Holbein, Gamblin, Winsor & Newton, and Daler-Rowney give you plenty to choose from for the perfect gift for any oil painter!

  • R&F Handmade Paints Pigment Sticks

    R&F Handmade Paints Pigment Sticks

    R&F Handmade Paints Pigment Sticks are the leading linseed oil-based painting stick. Made with pure alkali refined linseed oil with purified natral plant and bee's waxes, they have just enough natural wax added to maintain a solid stick form. Richly pigmented, R&F depends on a careful balance of oil, wax and the pigment to create these wonderfully workable Pigment Sticks, that let you lose the paintbrush and work directly on your surface.

  • Shiva Artists Paintstiks

    Shiva Artists Paintstiks

    Shiva Paintstiks are a solid oil paint in stick form!  They can be used in conjunction with traditional oil paint, but do not have the odor or mess.  The colors are rich with a buttery consistency and are fully mixable.  These sets have color combinations selected for your specific needs.  Made in the USA.

  • Gamblin Dry Pigments

    Gamblin Dry Pigments

    The purest dry pigments. Can be used to make your own oil paint, watercolors, pastels, in frescos, in glazes, faux finishes and for many other art projects.

  • Oil Painting Mediums

    Oil Painting Mediums

    Oil painting mediums allow the painter to control the painting process in infinite ways. Galkyd, Liquin, Copal & Japan Drier speed drying time while Galkyd SD, Stand Oil and others slow the drying time for greater workability. Safflower and Poppy Oils allow thinning of whites and lighter colors while eliminating yellowing. Cold Wax Medium, G-Gel, and other Impasto mediums allow thicker layers of textured relief while making surfaces either matte or gloss. Choose from Lefranc & Bourgeois, Holbein, Gamblin, Grumbacher, Best Test, Mona Lisa, Winsor & Newton & Sennelier.


  • Watersoluble Oil Mediums

    Watersoluble Oil Mediums

    Winsor & Newton Artisan water mixable oil colors must be used with the approriate mediums to retain their ability to be cleaned up with soap and water. Impasto mediums allow thicker applications while stand oils create glossier finishes. Quick Dry mediums speed up drying time for single painting sessions. Similar to Grumbacher Max & Grumbacher Max2 water soluble oil mediums.

  • Linseed Oils

    Linseed Oils

    Linseed oil makes the strongest paint film available. Newer formulas of refined linseed oil minimize yellowing. Purer and more refined than hardware store oils, these linseed oils can slow drying times, increase gloss and allow tinted glazes to achieve any desired effect. Choose from Gamblin, Holbein, Best Test, Grumbacher & Winsor & Newton brands. Artist grade of linseed oil should not be confused with the hardware store grades of this medium. The lower quality linseed oil available at hardware stores will cause oil paints to become gummy and sticky as well as weakening the paint structure.

  • Liquin


    Liquin cuts drying time in half while increasing gloss. Introduced in 1960, Liquin has become the number one oil painting medium. Available in four styles: Liquin Original formula for increased gloss, Liquin Fine Detail for blending with no brushmarks, Liquin Light Gel for perfect glazing and Liquin Impasto for semi gloss painting with retention of brush strokes and knife marks. Made by Winsor & Newton.


  • Picture Cleaners

    Picture Cleaners

    Made from a mixture of natural solvents and oils, Winsor & Newton Picture Cleaner dissolves oxidization and cleans soiled oil paintings. Available in three sizes. W&N Artguard protects hands from solvents and oils.

  • Turpentines & Thinners

    Specially formulated for Oil Painting, both turpentine and odorless mineral spirits allow easy clean up and the ability to mix your own mediums and glazes. Gamblin Gamsol and Winsor & Newton Sansodor allow the longest exposure with the lowest toxicity by minimizing evaporation into the workspace environment. Turpenoid Natural removes all toxicity for cleanup of brushes and studio with a natural citrus based cleaner. Traditional Winsor & Newton Distilled English Turpentine is prized by oil painters for purity and workability. Best Test brand of turpentine & mineral spirits provides high quality at a low cost. Artist grade of turpentine and mineral spirits should not be confused with the hardware store grades of these solvents. The lower quality solvents available at hardware stores will cause oil paints to become gummy and sticky as well as weakening the paint structure.

  • Varnishes


    Varnishes from Grumbacher, Gamblin, Golden and Winsor & Newton provide lasting protection to completed oil paintings. Most paintings must be allowed to dry for at least 6-12 months before a final varnish is applied. Retouching Varnish can be applied as a temporary protective coating to recently completed works. Picture varnishes should never be used as mediums.

  • Oil Gessoes & Grounds

    Oil Gessoes & Grounds

    Oil painters sometimes prefer to use an oil based gesso instead of the newer acrylic gesso so common in the market today. These products allow oil painting to be prepared using traditional materials and techniques. Winsor & Newton Oil Painting Primer and Gamblin Oil Painting Ground contain no lead but perform like traditional hand mixed gesso.

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