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Almost any artistic endeavour can be learned by reading from these books and videos available at Hyatt's. Pick from Drawing, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Cartooning, Calligraphy, Bookbinding, Airbrush, Perspective & More!

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  • General Art and History Books

    By discussing and showing examples by famous artists, these books allow novice artists to learn by studying the past work of Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and hundreds of others! General information books explain art materials and art history with broad overviews of art movements and styles.

  • Drawing Books

    Learn to draw animals, still lifes, landscapes, men, women, horses, cats, dogs or just about anything with these books form Hyatt's! From novice to expert, everyone can learn from this wide array of books.

  • Zentangle


    Want to explore the new popular art form of Zentangle but not sure where to start? Have the basics down but looking to broaden your skills? Look no further! From basic to advanced how-to books in addition to books that explore different techniques inspired by Zentangle, we've got it all. Master the basics then delve into more advanced forms, as well as learn how to incorporate Zentangle into fashion, stationary and more!

  • Pastel and Colored Pencil Books

    Pastels, both dry and oil based, along with colored pencils are two of the most widely requested areas of learning. These books cover technique and styles with tips and tricks to turn your pastel or colored pencil drawings into true works of art!

  • Oil and Acrylic Painting Books

    Oil painting has been the medium of choice for over 400 years and with the addition of acylic paints in the 50's, painting with oil & acrylic has grown into a huge category of art and art supplies. These books will teach you how to mix, apply and blend paints and mediums to make that perfect portrait or landscape.

  • Watercolor Books

    Watercolor Books

    Watercolor can be a difficult medium for some and these books help take the mystery out of controlling your watercolors to achieve your desired result. These books cover mixing, washes, sumi ink, and materials to make your watercolors do what you want!

  • Calligraphy Books

    Calligraphy can be used for special occaisions such as weddings, birth announcements or anniversaries as well as to improve your everyday handwriting. Choose from many styles of pen and ink calligraphy from italics to old english and give your projects some flair!

  • Airbrush Books

    Airbrush Books

    Hyatt's sells great airbrushes as well as these books to learn how to use them! These books and cover automotive art as well as basic technique. Custom paint your van, car or motorcycle with your own art!

  • Block and Screen Printing

    Speedball Linoleum Block printing is easy to learn. Use it for artwork, Invitations, greeting cards and more! Speedball Screen Printing uses a design applied to a polyester screen to make t-shirts, art prints or signs. These books make printing easy and fun!

  • Clay and Sculpture Books

    Sculpture is a beautiful and acient art. Use these books to create your own special 3D art!

  • Origami and Paper Art Books

    Origami and Paper Art Books

    Origami is an ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Origami books cover simple projects to very difficult ones for advanced paper artists. Grab a book and start folding!

  • Bookbinding & Papermaking Books

    Bookbinding & Papermaking Books

    Making handmade books and paper is easier than you think! Try these books that show complete step-by-step instructions for making journals, scrapbooks, announcements and invitations. Include some of your own handmade paper for truly one-of-a-kind items.

  • Crafts and Decorative Arts

    Crafts and Decorative Arts

    This section covers a wide selection of arts & mediums from Gold Leaf to Tie-Dye! These books explain most tips and techniques to get the most out of your art projects!

  • Fabric & Textile Art Books

    Fabric & Textile Art Books

    Find a variety of books on creating Fabric & Textile Art.

  • Design Books

    These books cover the designs of ancient and modern logos, signets, patterns and architecture. Some designs in the Dover book of Symbols, Signs & Signets are over 4000 years old!

  • Coloring Books

    Coloring Books

    What kid or adult doesn't love to color in a coloring book? These titles from Dover & Running Press range from simple to difficult. Want an complex coloring book? Try the prism and mosaic coloring books for hours of fun!

  • Instructional Videos & DVDs

    Instructional Videos and DVD's are a great way to learn at your own pace. Watch master artists and craftsman as they demonstrate techniques that you can view over and over again. Our collection of instructional media ranges from airbrush techniques to traditional media instruction.

  • Orienteering Maps

    The Buffalo Orienteering Club prints these detailed full color maps for hiking in and around the Buffalo area parks and trails. Maps give points and stops to test your orienteering skills. Take a walk and see the beautiful western New York scenery this weekend!

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