Artist Pens and Inks

Find pens and inks especially created for artists to use in drawing, coloring, and embellishing. Pens are available in a variety of nib sizes including fine and brush points, as well as a wide range of ink types and colors. 

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  • Rapidograph Pens

    Rapidograph Pens

    Hyatt's carries the full line of Kohinoor Rapidographtechnical pens, used for both technical drawing and fine ink illustration. The best value is found in the purchase of Rapidograph 3165-SP7 seven pen set, Hyatt's number L11117. Choose from 6x0/.13mm to 7/2.0mm line widths in 13 sizes.

  • Fine Tip Pens

    Fine Tip Pens

    All these pens have a fine point fiber tip that is perfect for both drawing and writing purposes. A variety of different size tips are available, as well as a wide range of colors.

  • Brush Tip Pens

    Brush Tip Pens

    Combine the ease of a pen with the flexibility of a brush and you have one amazing tool! Mess-free and portable, make strokes from thick to thin in one motion. Empty pens can be filled with water for blending and watercolor effects, or inks and dyes to take with you. Pre-filled pens come in various size tips for all your creative needs.

  • Gel Ink Pens

  • Drafting Inks

    Drafting Inks

    Made expressly for technical pens, these inks are intensely black and permanent. Kohinoor Universal inks work well on drafting mylar or film. Higgins Black Magic and Kohinoor Rapidraw contain a latex additive for the blackest ink available while allowing quicker drawing on drafting film. 

  • Acrylic Inks

    Acrylic Inks

    Acrylic Inks are acrylic based paints that have been ground with extremely fine pigments and mixed with a pre-thinned acrylic binder. Waterproof, fadeproof and archival, they can be used in ruling pens, brushes, dip pens and technical pens.

  • Calligraphy Pens

    Calligraphy Pens

    Find a wide variety of pens especially made for calligraphy and lettering. Sets also available with different size nibs, as well as inks and other accessories.

  • Sumi-E


    Sumi-E is the ancient art of calligraphy practiced in Japan and China. It also includes simple and beautiful art made with reed pens and brushes. These inks and sets will give you the tools you need to gain insight into this beautiful art form. Add a book on Sumi-E from our book section and your on your way!

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