Marker/Layout Pads

Marker/Layout Pads

Bienfang Graphics 360 pads are used by cartoonists, architects and fashion designers for marker renderings. Made from 100% cotton, colors stay crisp and true, blend easily and special coating on reverse keeps markers from soaking through to next sheet. Layout pads and Cross Section Graph Pads are perfect for any kind of 2D design such as floorplans and ad layout. Newer Letraset marker pads feature a whiter surface.

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  • Bienfang 360 Graphics Pad

    Bienfang 360 Graphics Pad

    Bienfang 360 Graphics Pad is the industry leader in marker papers. The best accurate marker color and bleed resistance. Paper is coated to keep markers from bleeding though to the next sheet. Made of 100% cotton rag, this paper has excellent translucency.

  • Admarker Marker Pads

    Admarker Marker Pads

    The Admarker Marker Pads from Chartpak contains 24 sheets of bright white 175 GSM paper that is specially designed with a smooth coating for use with alcohol and solvent markers. There is also an innovative InkBlock panel that is attached to the cover that prevents bleeding when placedl under the working sheet.

  • Canson Fanboy Comic Book Pads

    Hyatt's has everything you need to start creating your very own full-page comic book. Choose from the Fanboy Create Your Own Comic Book Set, Fanboy Make Your Own Comic Book, Fanboy Comic Book Cover Sheets or the Fanboy Comic Book Layout Pages.

  • Strathmore Sequential Art Pads

    Created specially for the comic, cartoon and graphic novel industry. Smooth bristol is ideal for both traditional and specialty pen and ink tool and markers.

  • Canson Cross Section Paper

    Canson Cross Section Paper

    Canson Cross Section Paper features grids printed in non-repo blue ink. Inch lines are slightly bolder. Available in 4x4, 8x8 or 10x10 inch grids. 20lb.

  • Bienfang Cross Section Paper

    Bienfang Cross Section Paper

    Grids printed in non-repro ink.

  • Canson Marker and Illustration Pads

    Canson Marker and Illustration Pads

    Canson offers specialized pads made for artists working with pen & ink and markers. These pads feature heavyweight paper that reduces feathering or bleeding from markers and inks.

  • Strathmore Marker & Layout Paper

    Strathmore Marker & Layout Paper

    Strathmore 400 series layout bond is a translucent white paper with a toothy surface for pencil, chalk, crayon and markers.

    Strathmore 500 series marker pad contains smooth, semi-transparent paper designed to accept heavy coverage of felt tip markers without bleeding.

  • Copic Marker Pads & Sketchbooks

    Copic Marker Pads & Sketchbooks

    Copic's unique alcohol-based inks appear best on papers specifically designed for markers. Over the last 20 years, Copic has developed a variety of special marker papers and illustration paper to sketching and layout pads. A variety of paper sizes, weights, and textures are available so you can have just the right paper for your needs.

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