Urban Art Supplies

Urban Art Supplies

Shop Hyatt's huge selection of Urban Art Supplies. Choose from Montana Spray Paints, Molotow + Montana Markers and Inks, Graffiti Paper and Sketchbooks and much more!

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  • Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint

    Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint

    The Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint line features a low pressure system that is extremely high-covering, weatherproof and durable. This quick-drying spray allows for ease and control when painting with spray cans with no cracking and no color bleaching. Works on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass and even flexible surfaces. Line includes over 200 matte, metallic, and transparent colors.

    Click here for complete color chart.

  • Montana Tarblack Spray Paint

    Montana Tarblack Spray Paint

    Montana Tarblack is available in both a High Pressure 600ml Can and a Low Pressure 500ml Can. The 600ml Tarblack features a Gold Fat Cap for extra wide lines, and offers a rich, deep black finish The 500ml Tarblack comes equipped with a Fat Cap White/Pink for tight wide lines. Both cans are winter-proof, achieving optimal performance even in cold climates.


  • Montana Silverchrome Spray Paint

    Montana Silverchrome Spray Paint

    Montana Silverchrome was developed for maximum coverage in minimum time, these cans provide consistent pressure from start to finish for consistent application. The 600ml Silverchrome is equipped with an easily identifiable unique shiny Chrome Fat Cap and leaves a full, deap coat.


  • Montana Chalk Sprays

    Montana Chalk Sprays

    Montana Chalk Sprays feature the look and feel of a rough chalk effect. Environmentally friendly chalk-based pigments sprays will stay for several days to weeks depending on climate and weather conditions. Perfect for events, advertisements, marketing campaigns, landscaping and outdoor activities. Available in 10 colors.

    Click here for complete color chart.

  • Caps and Accessories

    Caps and Accessories

    Montana Gold cans feature a level cap system witha variety of interchangeable caps that allow artists to customize spray width on the same spray can to achieve different effects for different projects. Cap nozzle sizes range from ultra-thin for detailed work to extra flat to cover large areas.

  • Montana Black Spray Paint

    Montana Black Spray Paint

    Montana BLACK spray paint is available in a wide range of 187 matte finish colors, including neons and metallics. This highly pigmented, high-pressure, Nitro-Combination based spray paint has a durable finish that is weather proof and winter proof. Short drying time means quick re-application and layering of colors immediately. Non-scented aerosol paint made to the highest quality, health, and environmental standards.

    Click here for complete color chart.

  • Montana Ultra Wide Spray Paint

    Montana Ultra Wide Spray Paint

    An ideal tool for contemporary urban calligraphy and ultra wide line work, the ULTRA WIDE can comes in Chrome and Black with a spray width variation for 15cm if applied rapidly at close range, to apx. 60cm if applied slower at a greater distance to the desired surface.


  • Paint Markers

    Paint Markers

    Discover the large assortment of paint markers, refills, nibs, empty markers, and accessories available. These markers typically hold an acrylic based ink that is designed to write on a large number of surfaces effortlessly.

  • Graffiti Paper + Sketchbooks

    Graffiti Paper + Sketchbooks

    Buy Crescent Graffiti papers and Montana Sketchbooks at Hyatt's.

  • Graffiti Books

    Graffiti Books

    Books on Graffiti Art and Techniques.

  • Ironlak Sugar Spray Paint

    Ironlak Sugar Spray Paint

    Ironlak Sugar is a revolutionary health-conscious formula with high performance capabilities, for use by Professional Artists.  It is the world’s first hybrid water and alcohol based acrylic aerosol paint.  Sugar is harvested specifically to deliver the highest quality results for artists, with the lowest possible impact on your health and our environment.  Vibrant color. Highly opaque. Matte finish. Soft pressure. UV resistant pigments. Extremely low odor.  Clean, crisp control. Spray smart for a sustainable future.

  • KRINK K-750

    KRINK K-750

    The unique K-750 spray paints offer a premium quality matte finish paint. Supplying 750 ml of paint, this special spray can is capable of painting 12 feet high due to the innovative pressure system, valve and extra long rod cap. Available in black and white.

  • Chroma Mural Paints

    Chroma Mural Paints

    Chroma Mural Paint is a lightfast, outdoor, water-resistant paint, designed with the mural artist in mind. With it's superior coverage, handling and pigment load, these acrylic mural paints can be used straight from the bottle for both interior and exterior murals. The bright and mixable colors are non-toxic and clean up easily.

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