W&N Pigment Markers

W&N Pigment Markers

Winsor and Newton’s line of Pigment Markers represent the latest and greatest in marker technology. They feature a new, ergonomic design and sport a broad, chisel-tipped end and a fine-tipped end for detail. Their real innovation, however, is in the ink. It actually contains pigment particles in suspension, so the color sits on top of the paper as you lay it down, rather than soaking in, making for more vibrant, eye-popping hues. Those colors wont fade either because the professional grade pigments used are lightfast for up to 100 years - much longer than most dye based markers available today. The hallmark of the line, however, is the revolutionary White Blender, which exploits the properties of pigment ink and can be used to mix as well as to lighten the markers’ shades. With more than one hundred colors available and the possibilities of the colorless and the White Blenders, W&N’s Pigment Markers let you access an almost limitless palette. Because the color rests on top of the surface, these markers can even be re-wet after drying with either white or clear blenders, extending their working time far longer than any other marker out there. The potentials to blend, build, mix and re-wet these markers make working with them an almost paint-like experience that is unmatched by other products. 

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